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Bulletproof Coffee Review


About Bulletproof Coffee


It’s not just coffee, it’s energy, fuel for your mind, and nutrients for your body. Bulletproof Coffee aims for you to feel good, both mentally and physically.

Bulletproof Coffee is formulated to help you start every morning off right, and they offer more than just coffee. They sell food and drink, MCT oil, proteins, and supplements. Join this Bulletproof Coffee review as we dig in and uncover the secrets behind the brand.

You can read all about Bulletproof Coffee in popular publications such as The New York Times, Men’sHealth, and CNN. They also have a substantial 325K followers on Instagram and 523K followers on Facebook.

This Bulletproof Coffee review will provide an in-depth look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their products are everything they promise.

Overview of Bulletproof Coffee


Bulletproof Coffee’s mission is to help you tap into your potential so you can feel your best and remain productive throughout the day. Bulletproof Coffee is an energizing beverage made with quality fats that keep you satisfied.

You can incorporate Bulletproof Coffee into your intermittent fasting schedule and the ketogenic diet. For the java lovers out there, a coffee that serves as an actual breakfast sounds amazing. Especially if you love that snooze button.

Now you might be wondering how coffee can truly supplement breakfast—that’s fair. The original recipe includes more than just coffee.

The Bulletproof Coffee recipe combines Bulletproof Coffee, Brain Octane MCT oil, and unsalted butter or Grass-Fed Ghee. If you’re unsure what Ghee is, don’t feel bad. We were too. More on this in a bit.


Dave Asprey founded Bulletproof Coffee in 2011 to help people take charge of their health and their mood. “That’s why Bulletproof creates products that power your mind, fuel your body, and help unleash your limitless potential.”

Bulletproof Coffee is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Before we get into the nitty-gritty behind the coffee, here are the highlights that this Bulletproof Coffee review came across:


  • Bulletproof Coffee provides energy and brainpower to last you throughout the day
  • Integrates into ketogenic diets and intermittent fasting routines
  • Made with healthy fats
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee
  • Tested for toxins and safe to drink
  • Direct partnership with farms to ensure sustainable operations
  • Sign up for a subscription and save 10%
  • Free shipping on orders over $35


  • Some negative reviews about taste and not feeling a difference after consumption
  • High in calories

Bulletproof Coffee offers subscriptions, coffee, MCT oil, proteins, food, drinks, and supplements. The best part of the coffee is that you can feel safe drinking it!

All Bulletproof Coffee is certified clean, tested for toxins, and Rainforest Alliance Certified. This Bulletproof Coffee review will feature their bestsellers. Come and see what awaits you!

Bulletproof Coffee Original Review


The Bulletproof Coffee Original is a medium roast, ground coffee. There are unmistakable notes of cinnamon, plum, and orange with a cocoa hazelnut finish. Those smells waking you up in the morning with sunlight peeking through the blinds.

Stretch out and picture it, it looks divine. The 12 oz bag of Original sells for $15, or sign up for a subscription to save 10%. Note that you can also get this brew as Bulletproof coffee beans.

Bulletproof Coffee The Mentalist Review


Bulletproof Coffee The Mentalist is a medium-dark roast, ground coffee. Strong coffee with cherry sweetness and taste notes of almond and caramel. Bulletproof coffee found a way to replace your morning muffin with a liquified healthy version. Tasty!

The Mentalist 12 oz bag sells for $15. If you sign up for a subscription, you’ll save 10%. Note that you can get this brew as Bulletproof coffee beans as. well.

Bulletproof Coffee Kit, Ground Coffee Review


The Bulletproof Coffee Kit, Ground Coffee includes all of the Bulletproof Coffee ingredients: Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil, Grass-Fed Ghee, and Bulletproof coffee.

This Bulletproof Coffee Kit includes healthy fats that satisfy hunger, activate fat-burning, and boosts your ability to think. Java power for the brain and body. Um, yes! The kit sells for $57, or subscribe and save 10%.

Bulletproof Coffee Cold Brew Latte Variety Pack Review


The energy you need in a can. The Bulletproof Cold Brew Latte Variety Pack includes collagen protein for healthy bones and joints, and MCT oil for sustained energy.

Integrating these Bulletproof Coffee keto drinks into your ketogenic diet is easy—stay healthy, sustain a get-up-and-go feeling, and stick to your weight loss plan. This Bulletproof Coffee review approves.

The Cold Brew Latte Variety Pack contains 4 to 6 grams of carbs in total and there is no sugar added. The 12-pack includes three flavors: Dark Chocolate, Original, Vanilla.

You’ll receive four of each flavor. The Cold Brew Latte Variety Pack is currently on sale for $30, discounted from $36.

Bulletproof Coffee Collagen Protein Bar Review


The Bulletproof Coffee Collagen Protein Bar is an on-the-go-snack that increases strength while reducing hunger pains. Bulletproof coffee developed a new recipe with a soft-cookie like texture and less crumbliness. That means less on yourself and more in your mouth.

The Collagen Protein Bar is a vanilla shortbread bar made with grass-fed collagen protein for healthy skin and bones. The bar is gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO.

The Collagen Protein Bar contains 11 grams of protein and 2 grams of sugar. It comes in a 12-pack and usually sells for $33, but this product is currently sold out.

Bulletproof Coffee Grass Fed Ghee Review


The Bulletproof Coffee Grass Fed Ghee is naturally gluten-free and non-GMO. If you have no idea what Ghee is, don’t worry, neither did we—so we looked it up.

It’s butter minus its milk solids. All you have left is the butterfat. The result: rich flavor and high smoke point (the temperature at which it starts to burn). You can cook it at temperatures up to 485F.

The butter in the Grass Fed Ghee is churned from the cream of grass-fed cows in New Zealand. They preserve the best parts of the butter and it’s a delicious and versatile cooking oil. Cooking with Ghee minimizes fat oxidation and maximizes flavor.

Grass Fed Ghee is buttery goodness that you can use in Bulletproof Coffee, or to cook, roast, drizzle, bake, spread, sauté…and so on. You can make a one-time purchase for $23, or subscribe and save 10%.

Bulletproof Coffee Sleep Mode Review


The Bulletproof Coffee Sleep Mode is a non-habit forming, drug-free solution for improving sleep. L-ornithine manages fatigue and helps to relieve stress. It’s an amino acid that acts on cortisol, which is a stress hormone (as a result, it helps you relax).

Melatonin responds to darkness and helps with the timing of circadian rhythms, our 24-hour clock. It helps to promote sleep. Bulletproof Coffee includes a clinically-backed, optimal dose of bioidentical melatonin.

Sleep Mode is a sleep supplement for less stress, better rest, and a renewed you in the morning. Getting a good night’s sleep not only recharges you for the next day, but also maintains your mental health.

Each bottle of Sleep Mode contains 60 pills and sells for $25. You can save 10% by signing up for a subscription.

Bulletproof Coffee Brain Octane Oil Review


Bulletproof Coffee Brain Octane Oil is made of C8 MCT Oil sourced purely from coconuts. According to WebMD, MCT molecules are smaller than those in most of the fats you eat, so they are easier to digest, and they are absorbed into your bloodstream quickly—turning them into energy you can use.

Brain Octane Oil turns into brain-powering, fat-burning ketone energy. C8 MCT converts into energizing ketones that start powering your mind and body within minutes. This Bulletproof Coffee review just pictured you breaking two wood planks in Karate. Or knocking that presentation out of the park.

The Brain Octane Oil is flavorless, so you can add it to your smoothies, salad dressings, Bulletproof Coffee, and more. Controlling your cravings and improving your cognitive performance is achievable!

Brain Octane Oil comes in a 32 oz bottle and sells for $49. Or sign for a Bulletproof subscription and receive a 10% discount.

Bulletproof Coffee Immune Support Bundle Review


You receive three supplements in the Bulletproof Coffee Immune Support Bundle:

Glutathione Force: for antioxidant and detox support
Zinc with Copper: for immunity and mood support
Polyphenomenal: for daily antioxidant support

Boost your immunity, detoxify your body, combat oxidative stress, and defend yourself against free radicals. In other words, nourish your mind and invest in your energy. The Immune Support Bundle packs a punch.

This Bulletproof Coffee supplement sells for $102, or you can subscribe and save 10%.

Bulletproof Coffee Review: What Do Customers Think?


The first place this Bulletproof Coffee review looked for customer feedback was on their official website. There are 37,014 reviews in all. There are 32,399 5-star reviews and 1789 1-star reviews. Those are remarkable numbers.

Happy customers are pleased with the flavor, the freshness, the creamy texture. Just as Bulletproof Coffee intends, they report feeling more focused and motivated.

Next, we had a look at Bulletproof Coffee Reddit reviews. Some customers suggest that it’s healthier to drink black coffee and get healthy fats from other sources, like avocados. Other customers discussed Bulletproof coffee’s suitability for intermittent fasting, keto diets as well.


The last place we stopped was Amazon and we decided to look at The Original blend. There are 3338 Bulletproof Coffee reviews in all. 74% are 5-star ratings and only 3% are 1-star ratings. Again, very impressive.

Some Amazon customers claim that Bulletproof Coffee is the best coffee they’ve ever had and that their entire family is hooked. More than one dedicated customer has mold allergies and Bulletproof coffee has no negative side effects on them.

Unhappy Bulletproof Coffee customers on the official brand website were disappointed with the taste or felt no difference in mood or energy. Others believe that the calorie counts in the coffee are too high. Some customers with mold allergies also had negative reactions.

Is Bulletproof Coffee Worth It?


Like with anything else in life, there are people on both sides of the fence. Some are in love with Bulletproof Coffee and incorporate it into their daily ketogenic diets and intermittent fasting routines.

Others use Bulletproof Coffee strictly for brainpower or an energy boost, while customers feel that the calorie content is outlandish or that the coffee does nothing for them. The fact is, you won’t know if Bulletproof Coffee is for you if you don’t give it a try.

If you have a hectic schedule, you often skip breakfast, you feel sluggish throughout the day, and are zapped of all brain power by early afternoon, Bulletproof Coffee may be exactly what you need.

Based on positive customer feedback and the potential health benefits of the products, this Bulletproof Coffee review suggests giving them a try.

Bulletproof Coffee Promotions & Discounts


For most items, you can sign up for a Bulletproof Coffee subscription and save 10% on your purchase. You can choose to have your products ship to you at the following intervals:

  • 2 weeks
  • 4 weeks
  • 6 weeks
  • 8 weeks
  • 10 weeks
  • 12 weeks

Bulletproof Coffee also offers Bundle & Save. Under the Shop menu at the top of the website, click on Starter Kits under Coffee.

Where to Buy Bulletproof Coffee


Where is Bulletproof Coffee sold? If you were thinking about doing a Bulletproof Coffee Starbucks run, we are sorry to disappoint. You can purchase purchase their coffee directly on the website,, or through these independent retailers:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Whole Foods Market


What is Bulletproof Coffee?

The Bulletproof Coffee recipe combines Bulletproof coffee, grass-fed Ghee, and MCT oil (Bulletproof coffee coconut oil) to create an energizing beverage made with quality fats. It’s a carb-heavy breakfast that keeps you feeling satisfied and provides you the brainpower you need for your day.

Is Bulletproof Coffee good for keto?

Yes, Bulletproof Coffee is good for a ketogenic diet. It adds all the fats you need into your morning drink and is great as a meal replacement.

Does Bulletproof Coffee promote weight loss?

A ketogenic diet promotes weight loss, and intermittent fasting helps to curve your hunger. Combining these two with Bulletproof Coffee is a win. Bulletproof coffee benefits: satisfies hunger, activates fat-burning. Bulletproof coffee weight loss—yes!

Can I have a Bulletproof Coffee while fasting?

Yes. According to Bulletproof Coffee, there is no scientific reason to completely restrict calories to reap the benefits of intermittent fasting. If you only consume fat (no protein or carbs) during your fast, you won’t interrupt autophagy.

The process your body takes when it’s not digesting all day every day, but instead cleaning and repairing your body, and making you healthier.

How much Bulletproof Coffee can you have in a day?

According to Healthline, too much Keto Coffee may have the opposite effect you’re looking for. They suggest only having one cup a day.

How do you make Bulletproof Coffee?

To make the original Bulletproof Coffee recipe, there are a few things you should note:

  1. You should add 1 cup of brewed Bulletproof coffee, 1 teaspoon to 2 tablespoon Brain Octane C8 oil, and 1 to 2 tablespoons of grass-fed Ghee or unsalted butter.
  2. In 1-cup there are 230 Bulletproof Coffee calories, 25 grams of fat, and 21 grams of saturated fat.
  3. To make a vegan Bulletproof coffee you can use almond butter instead of Ghee and use MCT oil.

Can you heat up Bulletproof Coffee?

Yes, you can reheat Bulletproof Coffee. Since it contains butter and oil, when it cools, it solidifies. Not a great drink. Go ahead and warm it up again.

What is Bulletproof Coffee’s Shipping Policy?

Bulletproof Coffee offers domestic and international shipping, with the exception of these countries: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Italy and the United Kingdom.

For customers in the US, the company provides free standard shipping for all orders above $35. Orders placed after 11 a.m. PST are processed on the next business day. Overnight orders placed on Friday before 11 a.m. PST will be delivered the following Monday.

Note the following Bulletproof Coffee US shipping fees:

  • Orders under $35 have a $7 flat rate and standard shipping takes 3-7 business days
  • Expedited shipping takes 2-3 business days and costs $18 for the first item, and $3 for each additional item
  • Express takes 1-2 business days and costs $35 for the first item and $5 for each additional item.

Bulletproof Coffee calculates shipping fees for international orders at checkout. Products are delivered within 3-12 business days. The fee provided at checkout does not include international duties or taxes, which may be due upon delivery.

Bulletproof Coffee sends customers an email once their order ships. Allow 3-5 business days for tracking information to update.

What is Bulletproof Coffee’s Return Policy?

You have 30 days from the day you received your order to return your purchase. You require authorization to process a return and should contact Bulletproof customer care with your order details.

If you try and send a return without authorization, Bulletproof Coffee will not know of the return and it will not be processed.

How to Contact Bulletproof Coffee

If you have additional questions after this Bulletproof Coffee review, you can reach out to their team through:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1 (206) 203-4576
  • Submit a request through their website Contact form

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