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Canva Review – Why to use Canva to make stunning graphics?

What Is Canva?

An eye-catching graphics speak volumes about any breaking news or topics on social media. They are capable enough to catch the instant attention of netizens. They are nothing short of an interesting art form to create a visual impact on the viewers’ minds. Without saying much one can easily explain a complex thing with the help of graphics. Therefore, digital graphics have become a big rage among online users. Most of the social media activists, influencers, and followers have started using graphics to grab all the eyeballs. To make the task of designing graphics easier, one can now find many useful graphic making tools. People who are into the online world or business only know the importance of a great graphics design tool. This tool is the best way to communicate with the audience and convey ideas in an effective and beautiful way. A good graphic design tool would help your business or online content look beautiful at first glance. Every person presents online go for aesthetically appealing goods or things. The tool is beneficial in conveying your brand’s message in a more credible and professional way.

Therefore, it is essential to have hands-on great graphic design tools. To make everything easy and reliable Canva is the best graphic design tool that can help you create stunning graphics without having any professional knowledge. It is a browser-based tool and a mobile app as well.



Canva Features


The app is considered a game-changer for every non-designer who has zero knowledge about creating images. The amazing Canva features are mentioned below that brings huge benefits.

•          The platform offers pre-sized templates for social media. Thus, one doesn’t need to search or design a template.

•          You can get access to various shapes and sizes options.

•          You can save the images to edit and download after some time.

•          The users can have access to numerous or similar graphics from one template.

•          The tool offers designer templates so that you can start with the graphics.

•          You can use the stock images at a very minimal price or even free of cost.



How To Make Graphics On Canva?


Here are the simple steps to make stunning graphics on Canva:

•          Go for the right size and shape – the first step is to click on the “create a design” button on the right-hand side. Then go for the “custom dimensions” option to select a size option. The tool, itself makes it simple to initiate your design by adding templates. Further, you can select any social media platform for your post.

•          Set the background – to set the background, you can either go for plain color or any pattern. You can even go for the option of abstract images. Further, you can add photos to your set background.

•          Add the text – to add text, you need to go to the menu bar and select the text box. Select the font of your choice and type your message or quote. To allow the text to appear bold and bigger use the round dots. Also, purple lines will help the text to appear in the center of the image.

•          Insert name or URL – you can even add your name or the brand’s name by selecting the text box and dragging it to the bottom. You can even change the size or font of the text.

•          Finish and save – save the file or the photo by giving it a unique name on the phone or computer. Otherwise, it will appear as ‘untitled’. Later download the image. Voila, it is ready now!



What is Canva Pro?


Canva gives users the liberty to try it for free. In fact, the free version also contains a lot of features to help you learn a lot about designing stunning graphics. With its free version one can:

•          Use its free fonts, elements, and stock photos.

•          Export files in different formats, including JPEG and PDF.

•          Design customized dimension graphics

•          Import the pictures that you can use freely in order to add to your designs.

However, the Canva Pro will give you access to a lot more stunning features. With the pro version one can:

•          Resize any design within a few clicks without any limitation.

•          Get instant access to over 60,000 free to use templates.

•          Easily upload personal fonts and logos to create stunning graphics.

•          Easily add brand logos, fonts, and colors.

•          Easily export graphic designs in MP4 videos and animated GIFS format.





Creating stunning graphics becomes a piece of cake with Canva. One can easily create images online and add stunning graphics to their pages with the help of this powerful graphic creation tool. The platform has tons of features that are beneficial for your business. Thus, it would be a smart move to get hands-on Canva to empower your social media accounts with eye-catching and stunning graphics/images.

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