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Deichmann Shoes Review : Casual Shoes For Men And Women


About Deichmann Shoes


Deichmann has been a family owned business since 1913 and continues to remain independent. The business started over 100 years ago in Essen, Germany, which is where, its headquarters are still located. Deichmann is currently active across 30 countries with approximately 4,200 stores and has over 43,000 employees.

The very first Deichmann branch opened in 2001. We now have over 120 stores across the UK, located in small towns and district centres to major cities and destination shopping centres.

The Deichmann Group has applied its successful concept of fashionable, quality shoes at excellent prices combined with friendly service for the UK market, which is growing year upon year.

We’re always looking for confident, friendly, passionate individuals, who will thrive in our fast paced retail setting. We believe in working hard for our customers, company, team, and for personal growth and achievement. As a company, we pride ourselves on the calibre of our people and the great customer service they deliver.

In return for their motivation, dedication and commitment, we offer them the benefits of working for Europe’s leading shoe retailer, including a positive work environment, friendly and supportive team culture, a competitive wage and opportunities for career progression.

Overview of Deichmann Shoes


We respect our colleagues and in return we want our colleagues to feel appreciated and valued. Our culture is one of openness, fairness, teamwork and collaboration, within the context of the high performance, productivity driven environment in which we operate.

We have always seen our colleagues as the makers of our success, so we recognise how important it is to support them with training and development and to provide opportunities for advancement. Only together can we ensure our future as a company, achieve growth and meet our corporate social responsibilities

The principal of the charity is to help people to help themselves by working closely with locals providing know-how and financial resources thereby giving them the responsibility for their own projects.

Many UK colleagues have also contributed to this very worthy cause, by running their own local initiatives ranging from cake sales to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Our HR team believe in maximising the performance of the company through its people. We work closely with all departments to ensure we support the effective and efficient operation of our stores, and in particular the development and wellbeing of colleagues within them.

Our learning and development team design and deliver the programmes that help develop our employees and, at the same time, support our business plans for growth. We are particularly keen to spot and develop talent from within the business in order to deliver a robust succession plan to support our growth and future skills needs of the company.

Deichmann Shoes Product Review


Controlling stock is critical to our success. With over 120 stores and the E-Shop to keep replenished, we are a dynamic team who optimise our resources to give them the best service so they can deliver the best customer experience.

We collaborate across the business to support expansion and ensure the optimum volume and range of stock is available across the whole store portfolio. Customisation of a stock package for a new store? No problem, we create it – we know how to get the job done!

Delivering the exceptional value for money Deichmann customers are used to, takes careful planning, accurate predictions and commercial acumen. Our buying teams are constantly on the lookout for viable trends and products that deliver those trends in a unique package.

Working closely with our design and technical teams, a keen eye for detail and good communication skills are essential. Making decisions on ranges and pricing almost a year in advance of being available to our customers takes experience, creativity and above all a passion for product. Each buying area is therefore its own profit centre and teams are encouraged to explore new ideas to give us a competitive advantage in the market.

Everyday Slip-Ons


The first style of Deichmann waterproof shoes I want to address is the Everyday Slip-ons. The lace-less shoes offer a clean and simple look and fit comfortably around the ankles, much like a sock. The quick slip-on and slip-off design makes it perfect for indoors and outdoors. I find these pair to be the best for the gym; lounging at home; or when travelling.

The Everyday Slip-ons are a line of Deichmann shoes that feature a front and side-to-side grip to deliver extra comfort and stretch. The breathable mesh is also supported by an airy comfort that makes you feel light on your feet. The lightweight and weatherproof material makes it the comfiest, convenient, and portable choice.

The only problem I have with the opening is that the material is designed to stretch over time and will eventually loosen up if you’re constantly putting them on and taking them off. Overall, the Everyday Slip-ons look and feel wonderful. The shoes come in three distinct colors and are currently available for $135 CAD.

Everyday Sneakers


The next line of Deichmann waterproof shoes worth mentioning is the Everyday Sneakers collection. Just like the name states, these sneakers were made for your daily routines. I’m a fan of the trendy aesthetic of the shoe and the fashionable-athletic feel I get; which is comparable to other top brands in the industry.

The Everyday Sneakers feature an extra arch support with sportier soles which keeps your feet comfortable when wearing them all day, everyday of the year. The bottoms also feature zones that push water through the channels to deliver better traction in the snow or rain.

These Deichmann sneakers are perfect for any lifestyle, active or not, and make a great collection to your closet. The fashionable pair comes in four colors to choose from and are currently available for $135 CAD.

Cityscape Sneakers


Last, but not least, the Cityscape Sneakers is from the brand’s original line of Deichmann waterproof shoes. The aesthetic is minimalistic and made to stand out with its stylish design and is perfect with any attire – whether for work or leisure. I love the super lightweight feel to it which makes it a comfortable choice to wear everyday.

The Cityscape Sneakers are fantastic for your outdoor excursions and I had no problem with the mud or puddles. Although they offer less traction than the other styles, and aren’t great for the ice, they still deliver the same stretchy, breathable, lightweight, and waterproof features.

The Deichmann footwear is versatile for your everyday life. However, if I had to choose between the Cityscape Sneakers and the Everyday Sneakers, I would opt to go with the Everyday Sneakers because these pair don’t feature the extra arch support.

With that said, I’d still be happy with these as they definitely get the job done. The Cityscape sneakers are available in four colors and are currently available at $135 CAD.

Deichmann Footwear Prices


An important question to ask in the Deichmann shoes review and to be honest, the sneakers aren’t exactly cheap. However, the prices aren’t ridiculously expensive either; especially for the benefits and features you get.

A Deichmann shoes review found that you’ll end up paying the same price as you would for a recognized top brand such as Nike and Adidas. Even better, one pair of Deichmann sneakers will probably save you money from buying multiple shoes for various seasons. Below are the listed prices for their collection:

  • Men’s and Women’s Everyday Slip-ons – $95
  • Men’s and Women’s Everyday Sneakers – $95
  • Men’s and Women’s Cityscape Sneakers – $95

Deichmann Footwear Sizes


Sizes. A common problem I find that gives everyone a headache. To make matters worse, Deichmann doesn’t exactly have a retail store, other than the occasional pop-up store, to go in and try their shoes. Lucky for you, I’ve found the brand’s sizing chart page in the Deichmann Shoes Review. In addition, for your convenience, I’ve listed the details for finding their correct shoe size:

  • All Deichmann sneakers are unisex
  • All styles do not come in wider sizes; however, the men’s sizes do run wider than the women’s
  • Men’s sizes range from 6-13
  • Women’s sizes range from 6-11
  • Shoes fit snug, like a sock – made to take shape of your foot over time
  • If you’re a half-size – the brand recommends sizing up

Where to Buy Deichmann



Sad news folks. Deichmann Footwear does not have a physical retail store to try-on and buy their shoes. The brand does, however, occasionally hold pop-up stores and events but you would have to follow their social media account to keep up with any news. Below is a list of their social media accounts so you keep an eye out:


Yes, yes, and yes. The Deichmann products are available globally through their online store. The easy access is convenient and let’s you browse through all their products. Check out their site here.

Deichmann Promotions & Discounts


For this Deichmann shoes review, we scoured the internet and managed to find a few Deichmann deals you can use to save on your purchases. For now, the follow is the best that Deichmann has to offer:

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Where can I see my previous orders?

To see your previous orders, sign into your account. Under “My Orders” you can see your orders.

Can prices change after I have placed my order?

The prices which are displayed at the time you place your order are the prices relevant to you. Subsequent price changes do not affect your order.

How do I return an item?

You can return items for free with in 28 days of receiving them. Log in to your DEICHMANN account. Under My Orders you can see items you have ordered. Mark all articles you want to return with a check mark and provide the reason for your return. With your return confirmation you will receive a returns label to print out for your parcel. You can then take your parcel to your nearest Collect plus point/Post office branch:

Alternatively, raise and print a free post returns label, from either link below, as shown on your order paperwork – with either option you are required to fill out and send back the Returns Form you received with your order.

Who’s delivering my order?

We want you to be satisfied with the delivery of your orders. That is why we have chosen to work with the home courier network specialists Evri.

Important: Please note that we can only deliver to addresses in the UK. For delivery to another country please change to that country’s online shop. Please note that product availability and costs may vary. Click here to select a country.

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