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EasyStore Review – Features, Pricing, Alternatives Explained

What is EasyStore?

EasyStore is an online website building platform designed to help individuals and businesses launch their own eCommerce stores.

The company operates from Malaysia and was launched there in 2013. It has a startup mentality with only 30 employees currently.

However, that has not stopped the company from clocking up an impressive number of clients. Over 30,000 brands now utilize the platform for their eCommerce store needs.

The ethos is simple, EasyStore aims to provide the tools for people to easily create and manage their online store and sell products to people all over the world.

That final point is especially important as the platform has now opened up to U.S based store owners.

EasyStore Features 

With Easy Store, the user can create, modify and manage any store through a standard HTML5 / CSS3-based interface. Easy Store also has a fully equipped content management system.

That allows the shopkeeper to create and manage websites, blogs, or forums easily. For more information on the Easy Store’s features and options, check out our web hosting reviews.

Inventory Management 

Reviewing Easystore takes the guesswork out of inventory control by providing a fully integrated system to manage your inventory so you can spend your time focusing on the things you want and making money. The essential element of an effective Easystore management system is that it is easy to use.

Many companies that offer this type of software would not understand the importance of ease of use. When using a software-based inventory management system, the first thing to check is whether the inventory of different sizes and quantities is processing. Any change in sales has little effect on overall financials.

Multi-Channel Marketing 

The idea behind Easystore reviews Important functions. Multi-channel marketing involves you as a consumer in your products in as many different ways as possible. The idea is that the more people exposed to your business, the more chances you have of making a sale. It seems simple enough.

The program uses a variety of methods to get people to talk about your business. And the YouTube channel gives people the opportunity to upload videos about everything that’s going on in the company. That gives you the upper hand in your competition. With all of these tools at your disposal, your business can benefit from Easystore multi-channel marketing.

Full Control Over HTML & CSS 

If you want to make your online business as easy as possible, you should check out Easy Store. With Easy Store, you can quickly assemble an e-commerce store and manage all aspects of your business from one central location.

If you don’t have an online web store or are looking for a way to reduce the time and effort of managing your business remotely, Easy Store has everything you need at your fingertips.

Promotions Management 

With Easystore, there are no restrictions on how you can promote your business, as any product can offer to customers both in your community and around the world. The system enables retailers to manage their promotions and track customer conversions very easily.

The Easystore Promotions Management System design to help you manage your business effectively. The main goal of Easystore actions is to ensure that your company offers the best possible customer experience.

SEO Management 

Easy Store enables you to use proven SEO techniques that will help you build high-performing businesses with minimal effort. The simple administration window and the simple configuration make Easy Store an attractive solution for small business owners and, at the same time, offer all the functions your business may need.

With Easy Store, you can get higher conversion rates with your current customers and attract new customers with an easy-to-use, step-by-step user interface and search engine-friendly design. Easy Store uses the latest search engine technology to get your business’s most relevant results.

Shipping Management 

Easystore was founded in 1985 by Jim Coughlin to give businesses the ability to streamline their shipping and manage all of their products in one location. Over the years, Easystore has grown into one of the largest e-commerce fulfillment providers in the world.

It is now possible to order these products almost anywhere in the service world. Below is a brief overview of Easystore’s shipping management system. The Easystore shipping management platform enables an online shopper to search for products, make purchases, and track each item as it moves through various shipping stages.

EasyStore Pricing

When compared to similar solutions, EasyStore’s pricing is pretty affordable:

  • EasyStore Lite – RM59/month: the smallest plan; suitable for businesses with 1000 products or less; comes with basic marketing features; you still get zero transaction fees and free themes; apps are capped at 5 per store
  • EasyStore Standard – RM199/month: for SMEs with more than 1000 products; you get everything in EasyStore Lite plus additional sales, marketing and checkout features as well as unlimited apps
  • EasyStore Business – RM499/month: for large e-commerce businesses; you get everything in EasyStore Standard plus Wholesale B2B features

All plans come with a 14-day free trial period and the following free features:

  • Zero transaction fees – pay nothing extra to EasyStore when you make a sale
  • Free e-commerce themes – no need to spend extra money buying themes – set your store up with one of the free themes in EasyStore’s library
  • Marketplace sync (with apps)– sync your site with popular marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada without paying extra

Want to save money? Go for EasyStore’s yearly plans

You can get up to 50% off when you go for EasyStore’s yearly plans:

  • EasyStore Lite (Yearly) – RM53.10/month (10% Off)
  • EasyStore Standard (Yearly) – RM139.30/month (30% Off)
  • EasyStore Lite (Yearly) – RM249.5/month (50% Off)

EasyStore Alternatives

With Easystore Accessible Store Consoles, you can make your business competitive in a highly competitive market where supergiants like Target, Wal-Mart, and Costco are in a fierce battle for customers’ money.

As more businesses downsize or close, those who depend most on consumers, the customers, suffer the most. They often take their products with them, sell fewer items than usual, and close stores altogether.

For these companies, competition from Target, Wal-Mart, and Costco can result in lost sales and a bottom-line profit. With this in mind, some of those who have been hurt the most due to the economic situation can benefit from an Easy Store concept to build a business that offers low prices to seduce customers.


Where EasyStore excels is the hugely competitive price point. At only $24.50 a month for their standard package, you will have everything you need to launch a fully operational online store.

The Lite version while even cheaper is only recommended for those wishing to test the platform before diving in.

As the pros section above shows, another real benefit of the platform is its ease of use. Everything is extremely intuitive and it is possible to have a site up and running in no time.

Bear in mind some of the issues such as lack of phone-based app management and the low level of online support content.

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