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Eight Sleep Review

Eight Sleep


Do you feel refreshed or exhausted in the morning? If coffee is the only thing that wakes you up in the morning, then this review is certainly for you.

Eight sleep has designed beds with the support of science. It helps you get better sleep and regain from every day’s activities. It is most suitable for athletes and people who need rest to keep moving.

It is a popular brand with  55.9k followers on Instagram. It is already a renowned brand and has received the 2021 Men’s Health Sleep Award, 2021 GQ Fitness Award, and 2019 and 2022 Fast Company Most Innovative Companies Award.

So, does the brand deserves all the attention? Take a read to explore its significance, bestsellers, customer reviews, and FAQs and figure out if the brand fits your needs.

A brief about Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep was founded in 2014 by Alexandra Zatarain, Massimo Andreasi Bassi, Matteo Franceschetti, and Andrea Ballarini.

Smart mattresses utilize technology integrated with an alarm clock to monitor sleep cycles and temperature changes. New York Magazine stated that the brand’s smart mattresses are the foremost to control temperature.

CEO and Co-founder Matteo Franceschetti says, “People should get enough sleep. It is important just like fitness, hence can be measured and enhanced.

Major Features

  • Designed using innovative technologies
  • Free Trial and returns
  • 2-year warranty
  • Positive customer reviews

Mostly known for smart mattresses, they monitor sleep cycles and offer personalized services. It promotes sleep fitness using sleep accessories.

In the coming section, we will explore its widespread covers and mattresses. Let’s get excited.

Eight Sleep Pod Pro Mattress Review

Eight Sleep

Integrated with striking features, it helps to get the best sleep. Before discussing the features, primarily it should be comfortable. Gratefully, it is 12 inches deep and has 5 foam layers for better support.

Also, you can use its app for temperature control, between 55 to 110 degrees F. It sets the temperature of the room using the sensors.

Highlighting its intelligence, it tracks your night’s sleep. You can view your sleep cycle, stages, and the number of tosses and turns. Its app integrated with the HRV monitoring feature examines variations in your heart rate and respiratory rate. The in-built alarm wakes you up using chest vibrations. Hence, eliminating the need for the phone’s alarm.

It is available in California with a price range from $2,795 to $3,495. During this review, it is on sale from $2,595 to $3,295.

Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover Review

Eight Sleep

Do you wish to obtain this Eight Sleep technology because of its outstanding features?

Its Pod Pro Cover allows temperature control, Gentler alarm, advanced sleep-tracking, and dual cooling & heating. Download the brand’s app to avail of its best features and know about your sleep cycle.

Available in king sizes in full to California, you can purchase the Pod Pro Cover from $1,695 to $1,995. During this review, the cover is on sale from $1,595 to $1,895.

Eight Sleep Products Review

After covering the essentials, the Eight Sleep review talks about its best-selling accessories to strengthen your rest. You can avail a range of sheets, blankets, pillows, and sleep sprays on the company’s website.

Eight Sleep The Carbon Air Pillow Review

Eight Sleep

Your pillows may start getting uneven and lumpish. Don’t you think it’s time to supersede the old pillows?

When your body falls asleep, your body temperature increases. The pillow has carbon-infused foam blended with graphite to provide cooling at night. It is a must-have feature to avoid hot flashes at night.

The specific design offers airflow and ventilation because its mesh Tencel cover supports the pillow and offers more breathability. A two-pack of king or queen-sized go for $265. A single pillow is available for $150.

Eight Sleep Hypervolt Plus Review

Eight Sleep

Sports person or runners have strained intense movement in the body. The Hypervolt Plus offers you the tools to offer yourself a massage at home. It uses percussion therapy to ease soreness, severity, and muscle tensions and promotes circulation for rusty areas.

You can use the tool before bed. It promotes relaxation and takes your muscles into revival mode. Get it at $399.

Eight Sleep Pod Sheet Set Review

Eight Sleep

Wanted to finish off your Pod bed setup? Then, you may choose the Pod Sheet Set that accompanies the brand’s mattress.

It is a 400-thread count sheet made of 100% Tancel and offers durability and breathability. You can have it for hot summer nights. The Pod Sheet Set comprises:

  1. One fitted sheet
  2. One flat sheet
  3. Two pillowcases

Order in white or gray, in sizes ranging from full to California king at $189 to $225.

Eight Sleep Gravity Blanket Review

Eight Sleep

These blankets reduce stress, anxiety, and lead to a peaceful sleep. You can use this Eight Sleep review to know the benefits of this weighted blanket.

It is a standard-sized blanket to keep you cool & tranquil. It provides quicker sleep for people who feel restless.

You can try it for yourself at $300.

Who Is Eight Sleep For?

Eight Sleep

This amazing product can benefit everyone. All we need is good and serene sleep. Isn’t it?

This Eight Sleep review makes people believe that this brand is perfect for people who are mindful of their sleep quality. Health freaks, personal trainers, and athletes will enjoy seeing tracking daily sleep metrics. They can use the brand’s technology to get an ideal sleep setting.

Hence, this is the most perfect product for people who are lacking sleep.

How Does Eight Sleep Work?

Eight Sleep

The product is particularly designed to replace or support your conventional bedding. Download the Sleep app to control the temperature and track your health metrics.

Its cover has sensors to track breathing and heart rate. These sensors provide your sleep scores, which can be viewed in the morning using the app.

The other products, such as blanket, sheets, and pillows, complement the effects of the Eight Sleep mattress or cover.

Is the brand Legit?

Yes, 100%. You can completely rely on the product for product shipping, delivery, and product returns.

Is Eight Sleep Worth It?

Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep offers smart beds, covers, and sleep accessories to attain the sleep quality you dreamt of. We consider the brand worthy due to positive customer feedback, unique functionalities, and numerous awards.

If you love technology and data, the product is for you. If you battle with joint or back pain, or insomnia, then the product will help you to relax, unwind, and have a night’s rest.

Quality sleep is necessary to avoid adverse health consequences. Hence, investing in such scientifically driven items will provide a better sleep according to the standard of living and values.

Eight Sleep Promotions & Discounts

Eight Sleep

This Eight Sleep review helped to conclude that the brand best sellers discounts. Sign up on the brand’s email list to get the discount code of $100 off on your first order.

Where can you but Eight Sleep?

You can purchase the products from the brand’s website. They are available at a few retailers across North America:


Eight Sleep

Who owns Eight Sleep?

It is a privately owned company headquartered in New York City. It was founded by Massimo Andreasi Bassi, Alexandra Zatarain, Matteo Franceschetti, and Andrea Ballarini.

Does it ship internationally?

Yes, it ships to Canada, some EU countries, the UK, and the US.

What is the Eight Sleep Shipping Policy?

As the brand ships to Canada, some EU countries, the UK, and the US. You will be glad to know that Eight Sleep offers free shipping on orders.

For delivery time, you can expect the order in 2-7 business days. Please remember that shipping times may vary depending on location, product size, and carrier delays. Their team will keep you informed about any changes.

What is the Eight Sleep Return Policy?

It offers free returns within 100-days of the delivery date.

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