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Everything You Need to Know About GetResponse Website Builder

GetResponse Website Builder Introduction

If you are thinking to open a shop online, then you are at the right place to know how to market it. GetResponse Website Builder is a one-stop solution to all your necessities. Rather, we provide you much more than you ever expected but obviously deserved for your company.

With the increase in digitalization in the recent 21st century, online marketing has taken a rampant boost in this scenario. People are more interested in buying online everything from groceries to toiletries for their houses at the comfort of their homes. So it becomes very crucial that you have a dynamic and user-friendly company website that attracts your target audience.

Why you should use GetResponse Website Builder for building your company’s website?

GetResponse Website Builder promises impeccable performance at affordable prices. You cannot resist seeing the extraordinary features available here. These features will give your company website an unimaginable look. Your target audience will find it easy to locate you from the thousands of other ordinary websites.

The robust templates are updated regularly to keep going with the demands of our users. You get all these features at a very minimal price and not waste your precious time on coding and profiling. Let’s go into the depths of the innumerable features of GetResponse Website Builder which makes it stand out in the race.

  1. It provides you a complete package of all marketing solutions like email marketing, push ads and notifications, popup advertisements on other websites, paid ads, and many others whatever makes your company more of a brand.
  2. The AI wizard in the Website Builder software will create customized web pages based on your preferences and information related to your business. This helps you to choose from a variety of personalized options from the beginning.
  3. In case you are not satisfied with the options suggested by the AI wizard, you can customize them too. The drag and drop editor feature in the software gives you easy access to other tools and designs you want to add and delete to the current web page.
  4. Simplicity is the soul of our Website Builder. We provide you with a collection of thousand of non-restricted images through our Unsplash website, a top-notch photography site that has collaborated with us.
  5. There is no requirement of handling by professional IT professionals as there is no coding required for changing design. You can select from an array of fonts, colors, and styling in just one click. They are all pre-stored in the software and ready to use by you.
  6. The most important thing in business is to keep upgrading and updating its features. So we have a customized pop-up option for you to choose from that can help you generate leads abundantly. Promotion of brand name and featuring offers and discounts become very easy through this.
  7. Host and domain are pre-requisites to build a website. We provide you that for free in Website Builder. You can buy or connect your own domain through our software with verified SSL certificates.
  8. Build SEO-friendly websites and regulate your company website on different portals. You can generate organic traffic and optimize your URLs to fit in keywords. This helps you in building a strong foundation in the market that is known by the majority of the population.
  9. You cannot grow if you do not review and analyze your past decisions. Website Builder helps you to analyze your company website’s performance within a fixed range of days. You get visual data graphs that demonstrate your company traffic generated in a location or a website, links most clicked, devices on which your website was mostly used, and many other comparative data. This will aid you in deciding your further steps.

Not To be Missed Benefits of GetResponse Website Builder

  • Our services are not limited to big IT companies. We are versatile and provide fair options for every business to grow and prosper. We have made it easy for non-technical organizations like schools, NGOs, and sales communities to promote their services. Any freelancer can make use of it very efficiently to build up his brand.
  • The website builder feature is available in every plan of GetResponse. So you just start from the basic plans which are completely affordable.
  • The AI-powered website designs make it easier for you to choose the perfect design for your website. There are blank templates and predesigned templates to promote your creativity on it. You can select from a collection of images and tools with just one click.
  • Digital marketing and holding of campaigns can be a cakewalk for you with our AI wizard. You receive expert consultations and product promotion ideas on our MAX plan.
  • Hassle-free 30day trial with easy cancellation whenever you desire.
  • You do not need to deal with outdated themes that are no more in trend and market.
  • We respect your business so we do not interrupt your business if your contacts go out of the list size. We add the extra contact without losing the old ones by charging some extension fee.

Pricing of GetResponse Website Builder

The GetResponse Website Builder presents to you 4 Fundamental plans-

  • Basic Plan
  • Plus Plan(most in demand)
  • Professional Plan
  • Max Plan

These plans differ in their level of features that may be required by your company based on your coverage area. Accordingly, the prices may differ.

The special thing is you can try any of these plans completely free for a period of 30days there is no credit card required to validate. After the termination of the free trial period, you can choose one of the plans on a monthly or yearly basis.

In the yearly plans of 12 months and 24 months, you get 18percent and 30percent discounts respectively from our side. Besides, if you are a Non-Profit organization, you can get up to a 50percent discount, if you qualify for the GetResponse Non-Profit Program.

GetResponse is a safe and secure way of building your company website. We store all your information without any compromise. The pricing starts from $15 only.

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