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Everything You should Know About Podia


The simplest method for developing and providing online courses and subscriptions is Podia. You could host and disseminate your material, create a decent storefront, and start selling it in a couple of hours, even if you have no programming or specialized experience.

Podia has a considerable edge over its more complex rivals in this area. Drag-and-drop functionality in Podia makes it simpler.

What Can Podia Do for You?


Podia is an online learning platform that houses and offers subscriptions, digital downloads, and online courses. Technical problems, processing fees, and access restrictions do not exist. You will provide your customers with online courses, subscriptions, webinars, and digital copies.

The most straightforward approach for digital artists to support themselves while creating what they love is to do it. Other crucial course developments and participation tools are absent, like graded quizzes, diplomas, communities, etc. Additionally, you don’t have a lot of creative freedom in terms of how your website and course area will seem.

Features of Podia App


A detailed list of Podia app features:

  • Make an intriguing online program or subscription.
  • Unlimited video hosting is available through Wistia.
  • You may present your course materials in a polished manner using the built-in course player.
  • Create a website that is enticing for your product sales.
  • A one-time fee, a monthly membership fee, or possibly a payment plan are all options.
  • Allow for quick and straightforward purchases using Stripe or PayPal.
  • Take on EU digital VAT charges.
  • Create and keep up an affiliate link for your business.
  • Send out a broadcast or planned email advertising.

What drew you to Podia?


Podia’s simplicity of use was the first thing that sprang to me when I thought of it. The user interface is straightforward, practical, and uncomplicated. Nearly all of the critical functions are available on the dashboard tab.

With Podia, building an online application, an online store, or a community platform has never been simpler. The ability to preserve all of your internet content in one location is another benefit of Podia.


In contrast to other websites, Podia enables you to host online courses, digital material, and community pages simultaneously. You don’t need to keep track of your data using DropBox or any other type of external storage program.

This makes managing and organizing all of your digital stuff easier. For pros and novices alike who are unfamiliar with HTML or other programming languages, Podia is a simple drag-and-drop developer. You will also receive an excellent template to use as a starting point.

What About Podia Do You Dislike?


Although Podia is simple, sophisticated users want customization options and more complex features. Podia obviously cannot be compared to WordPress or Magento in this aspect. The lack of cell phone coverage on Podia is yet another drawback.

Contrarily, Podia offers several options to contact customer support, including a resources page, email, and an online chat platform accessible every day of the week, round-the-clock. Podia is less feature-rich than other rival systems. It does many tasks efficiently, but there is virtually always a fancier option available at a higher price for every function.

Do You Fit the Podia?


Podia is a software program for creating online courses with about a thousand professors. It aids users in designing and promoting their online courses.

The tools and integrations available on Podia’s platform are identical to those of other course design software. But compared to other alternatives, it lacks more sophisticated tools.

With Podia’s course development solution, you may offer online courses, webinars, file downloads, and memberships without worrying about the associated technology.


The tools and integrations available on Podia’s platform are identical to those of other course design software. But compared to other alternatives, it lacks more sophisticated tools.

  • For those who are just starting and need a simple platform, we advise Podia.
  • Teachable and Thinkific are two options to consider if you believe a high-quality, mid-tier solution is best for you.
  • If you want a more sophisticated solution with extensive customization options for your courses and website.



This Podia review has covered all the platform’s features and some of its drawbacks. The platform’s simplicity of use is what distinguishes it from others. It’s pretty easy to set up a course, and the course player looks fantastic right out of the box.

You may also create a professional sales website for your items and start selling them immediately. The checkout procedure is well-designed and can even be embedded on a website outside your own, which is convenient.

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