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GeekBuying Review Legit?


Geekbuying is an online retail store dealing in electronic and tech gadgets from legit brands around the globe. Offering a massive amount of the latest gadgets, Geekbuying has become one of the leading E-commerce stores in the market today.

They are most popular for their smartphones, TVs, laptops, and smart wearables yet are not limited to that only. Anyway, most of you must be concerned about the credibility of Geekbuying. So was I. Therefore, I did a quick research in that regard and I’ll be sharing all of that with you right here.

So let’s begin!

Is Geekbuying Legit?


Whilst scouring the internet to find the authenticity of Geekbuying I found no scam proofs or complaints against Geekbuying. They have been in business since 2012 and have built up a fairly good reputation over all these years.

Geekbuying is definitely a legit website to shop for all your gadgets. Not only are they reliable and safe but they also offer the best prices. Needless to say, they’re one of the few China companies that deliver what they promise.

Online Shopping Experience

Well I genuinely liked the shopping experience at the online store of Geekbuying. Their website has a very professional and user-centered interface. Even on the home page, you can scroll endlessly through the Recommended, Latest, and Best Seller items.

However, if you’re looking for something specific, you can always head to the different categories in the navigation bar. Sports and Outdoor, Smart Home and Garden, Consumer Electronics, Phones and Accessories, TV Boxes and Mini PC’s, Computers, Tablets, Security System and so much more is available at their website, I couldn’t even complete the list.

In addition, I am a big time fan of the subcategories as well. I won’t get into the details since it’ll be a bit too much for most of you. But you can have a look below, and see a glimpse of what I’m talking about.

Even the most basic things such as mobile screen protectors are also available on the website. Toys, jewelry, clothing, and accessories is yet another area of dealing at Geekbuying.

To sum up, I’d say that online shopping at Geekbuying was a pretty convenient experience. Versatile options in modes of payment via major Credit and Debit cards such as VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER, JCB, Diners Club, Elo, and Hipercard are available. PayPal, Western Union, and Wired Transfers are also accepted at Geekbuying.



Well, pricing is something that is the most special about Geekbuying. They offer unbeatable prices for most of the products. Mostly because you’ll find promos and flash sales on your favourite stuff almost every other day.

Geekbuying is the best place for anyone who’s always in for grabbing a discount deal. Once you get hooked to it, you won’t make a purchase without checking out the promotional section on their website. Anyway, let’s just see how useful are these promos and how much you can save up.

Now this Xiaomi Band 5 Smart Bracelet originally costs around $99 but wait, during flash sale Geekbuying offers it for as low as $35.99 only. Likewise, this Ultra-Thin Treadmill is originally priced at $699 but on sale, you can grab it for $532 only. You’ll be saving yourself quite a lot of bucks.

Similarly, you’ll find other stuff such as lights, vacuum cleaners and other stuff related to electronics or tech. This Philips LED 100mm lamp will only cost you $8.99 only.

Anyhow, there’s something for everyone at Geekbuying. If you’re a yoga or fitness freak, then you’ll love their collection of various kinds of mats. This Yoga Mat for instance, is available for $31.

You can buy phone accessories like earbuds, screen protectors or mobile covers, cables, chargers and loads of other stuff at best prices. If you don’t mind waiting, I’ll suggest you to wait for their crazy flash sales to get the best bang for your buck.



The quality of products by Geekbuying is quite impressive overall. The products are originals from brands and so the quality isn’t at question.

I’ve read reviews by a lot of people stating that their expectations were met and the products matched the description and so on. This means that Geekbuying is taking no risks in terms of their quality.

Their most popular products are smartphones, TV boxes, laptops, smart wearables, and consumer electronics. You shouldn’t be afraid to pick them up because in the majority of cases, they actually deliver decent quality.

However, on a bad day, there’s a chance that you may receive something faulty. With online brands, the risk of buying something opposite to your expectation always remains. In case your purchase doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it to be, you may reach out to their customer service and file a warranty or return claim, if and when eligible.

This person on Reddit shares a good experience:

I know most of us are concerned about the legitimacy of such Chinese companies due to controversial experiences but quite a good amount of positive reviews about Geekbuying give me a lot of hope.

Store Locations

Geekbuying has no retail locations anywhere in the world. You can do all your shopping from them online only. They have many warehouses in different parts of the world though.

The warehouses are located in Spain, Germany, Italy, Poland, EU and America. While the warehouses based in China and Hong Kong offer worldwide shipping.

You can shop online at Geekbuying from a specific warehouse and have your items delivered with duty free shipping within 48 hours.




Geekbuying ships to a lot of countries around the world. And when I say a lot, I mean it. They have quite a few warehouses in different parts of the world which makes shipping faster and better.

Warehouses in China and Hong Kong work for global shipping to Germany, Australia, Brazil, France, Spain, Poland, UK, US, Malaysia, Netherlands and so many more countries.

You can check out the complete list of their shipping locations here on their website, mentioning all of them over here would be a lot of work.


Geekbuying offers various kinds of shipping services and the charges vary for each one accordingly. However, airmail is free for every type of order regardless of its destination, weight or amount, whatsoever.

Contrary to that, charges for Express Delivery vary according to the destination, amount and weight of the item.

The best part is yet to come. Geekbuying ships from Hong Kong and to my surprise, this means there’s no additional sales tax on the orders. In a rare case, customers may have to pay taxes, however, that is highly unlikely.

Return Policy

Return Policy

Geekbuying has variable return policies for different situations. For instance, if your product is dead on arrival, you need to contact the company within 7 days of receiving your order.

Similarly, in case you’re not satisfied with your purchase, then your order will be eligible for return up to 14 days. In such a case, the customer has to pay the return shipping cost.

In addition, Geekbuying also offers 1 year warranty for all their products. But it is accompanied by a long list of things that void the warranty. You may want to check that here.

Customer Support

So Geekbuying is not the best when it comes to customer support. Many customers do have complaints about them being unresponsive and giving a deaf ear to most of their problems.

Anyway, many people have had experiences as well, and I hope you’re one of them too, in case you need it!

To contact them regarding any questions, queries, or complaints, you can reach out to them via email, live chat or call. Find contact details here.

Geekbuying Customer Reviews

Customer Support

Geekbuying, like every other E-commerce business, has its fair share of positive as well as negative reviews. They’re not going to scam you, I can vouch for that. But at times, there may be a problem with the service or rarely, quality. Of course, the negative reviews are about the same. However, the better part of the reviews is based on positive experiences.

Anyway, let’s see what some customers have to say about Geekbuying.

There a quite a few positive reviews on Reddit like this one:

And another one that says “As long as you know what you’re getting I’d say it’s no problem”

But of course, someone had a bad experience too


All in all, I’d say if you’re in for a bargain, then Geekbuying is definitely a considerable place to shop from. Try purchasing inexpensive items at first and see how your experience goes. It is highly likely that it will go well. But you gotta stay prepared for any experience otherwise as well. Overall, they offer a multitude of products at better than market prices which is a huge selling point for them.

In essence, Geekbuying boasts a vast array of products at prices that often surpass market standards, making them a go-to destination for savvy shoppers. And while you’re in the mood for exploring unbeatable deals, why not take a detour to Casino Ice? Just as Geekbuying offers bargains galore, Casino Ice promises an unparalleled gaming experience packed with excitement and rewards. Dive in today and let the games begin!


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