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Hunter.Io Review – Features, Benefits, Pros, Cons, Pricing Analysis

What is Hunter.Io? is an online software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool that scrapes websites for contact information. is one of the first major players to gain traction in the email scraping service, and it has received significant exposure as an early adopter getting picked up by many marketers as a “must have” tool.

Its ability to quickly provide a relatively reliable list of email addresses has spurred a new market with new competitors popping up every day.

How it works?

As mentioned by François Grante (founder of the software), works by searching and indexing emails it finds on company websites across the internet. For email addresses it finds, will log the common email patterns and apply that logic to websites its users are searching.

Take a look at the below excerpt from François on Quora for a use case on Hunter when using it with LinkedIn. Please note, the LinkedIn functionality was deprecated in August 2017, but the use case still applies to website research in general.

Hunter.Io Features

If you’ve used the Authority Hacker Site System we put out, or if you just took a look at our blueprints, you’ll know we’re fans of Hunter. It’s a tool we use, and it’s a tool we’re happy to recommend.

So that’s why in this part of our Hunter review, we’ll take a look at each feature it has to offer, just so you can understand why we like it so much, and why you should give it a try to.

There’s not a lot of extra things I could say here, since we already analyzed the email finder by domain in the Interface section. You just paste a website and get a list of email addresses registered on that domain.

Email Finder

Let’s say you met someone at a networking event and you didn’t get a chance to write down their contact information. That’s something can help with as well.

Email Verifier

The email verifier tool is even more straightforward. You just have to paste an address you want to validate

Bulk Tasks

If you have a lot of email addresses to work with, you can use the bulk tasks feature to perform checks, searches, and verifications to a large amount of email addresses.

Leads features a customer relationship management dashboard, where you can sort and sift through your database of emails.

Campaigns’s campaign management tool is not a complex one, but it’s definitely something to help you get started outreaching.

Hunter.Io Pros And Cons


  • Good tool to find email addresses by domain research and contact information
  • Helpful Chrome extension
  • Ease of use
  • Decent pricing


  • There are cheaper options out there
  • No social media research tool

Hunter.Io’s Pricing?

As of 1/1/2018, charges $39/1,000 requests for their annual plan and $49 if you want to pay month-to-month.

A “request” is when Hunter successfully finds an email for a website, a verification that an email is deliverable or not or a search for an email based on a name and company.

Because has been around the longest of the email scrapers, it has the deepest database of emails and the greatest amount of community trust.

This gives Hunter some authority to demand a higher price point vs. some of its newer competitors.

Overall, I think the pricing is a bit high, but the value delivers is significant given the amount of data they also provide with each email (more on that later). Also, outreach is incredibly important to the overall success of a business. facilities that, therefore is probably worth the price of admission.


Overall, is a GREAT TOOL and one that I highly recommend if you are a one man/woman team and don’t have the time or budget to hire additional help.

Hunter can spit out and verify a ton of data very quickly.

What I like most about Hunter is their simplicity.

They truly focus on pure email/lead capture and verification.

A lot of other tools are trying to bake in outreach, verification, scraping, social media following, etc and it gets overwhelming and hurts the core product.

The only downside to using Hunter is that it will inevitably miss some good prospects that may have converted for your outreach campaign.

As we’ve seen in the above tests, with speed comes sacrifice.

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