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Is Stubhub Reliable? The Most Comprehensive Review Online


About StubHub


For over 20 years, StubHub has been the leading marketplace for fans to buy and sell tickets. Today, we continue to offer you peace of mind with our exclusive FanProtect Guarantee, best-in-class customer service and product features that ensure we have your back. Combined with viagogo, we now span 90+ countries around the world.

Every order is 100% guaranteed on StubHub. StubHub’s exclusive FanProtect Guarantee ensures valid tickets or your money back. It’s this guarantee that makes us the most trusted ticket marketplace by fans where you can buy and sell with 100% confidence.

Every order is 100% guaranteed on StubHub. StubHub’s exclusive FanProtect Guarantee ensures valid tickets or your money back. It’s this guarantee that makes us the most trusted ticket marketplace by fans where you can buy and sell with 100% confidence.

Are you ready to help us connect people with the world of live experiences? We’re always on the lookout for candidates who are driven, courageous, inventive, diverse and live the StubHub brand.

Overview of StubHub


There’s no reason to miss out. With tickets to millions of events, and tools like Price Alert to help you stay within budget, we have the ticket that’s right for you. You can buy and sell with 100% confidence. With more than 130 trusted partners, award-winning customer service and a convenient, feature-packed mobile app to buy and sell anytime, anywhere, we’ve got you covered.

The ticket is just the beginning! Loyalty perks for our top buyers, personalized recommendations and surprise seat upgrades are just a few of the ways we give fans more than just the ticket.

At StubHub, we believe that everyone, regardless of their circumstance, should be able to access the joy of live events. We are committed to supporting the communities in which we operate and to bring the joy of live to fans around the world.



  • Website is user-friendly
  • Various currency options
  • Venue Maps and seating charts
  • Resale tickets available for sold-out shows
  • Seating charts allow for chosen seats
  • Online chat available if needed
  • FanProtect gives a 100% guarantee on orders
  • Tickets for events big and small/Big Football Games
  • Paypal accepted


  • Prices can be higher
  • Fees aren’t assessed until payment confirmation
  • Contact form may take some time
  • No rewards program for repeat customers
  • Strict refund policy
  • Many are resale and over the initial ticket price

Through the StubHub Foundation, established in 2012, we support organizations that help improve access and opportunity for under-served populations by giving to local, grassroots, non-profit organizations in sports, music, arts or tech-based youth development.

Access includes everything from access to the joy of live events to access to the tools, resources and education that help ensure the future of live experiences. Our focus is on providing fair, equitable and inclusive access to these resources and experiences for at-risk youth.

Should you buy your tickets from Stubhub UK & European Sites Overview


The Stubhub website offers tickets, and resale tickets, to its customers through its online platform. There are hundreds of different theatres, concerts, and sporting events that you can purchase through their websites. This can be used to purchase football or resell concert tickets, so customers can sell ones that they are no longer going to, or they can buy resale tickets for sold-out events.

Stubhub has an international presence, so their company has websites for their European, UK, and US markets. They also have a master site where you can choose tickets by location, instead of having to go to a particular site. The price of tickets is in the currency of the location that you choose, unless you go to one of the specific sites, in which case there are euros, dollars, and pounds depending on which site you’re on.

So, what makes Stubhub international the place to buy tickets for your next event? They have many pros and cons, like any business, but they do have a lot to offer.

Who Is Stubhub?


Stubhub’s parent company is eBay and their company information is available on their site. You can also find information on Stubhub managers, directors, and even the president. Stubhub has been apart of eBay since 2007. In 2016 StubHub completed the purchase of Ticketbis and expanded into new European markets, up until that only the site was servicing the local UK market.

eBay’s purchase of Ticketbis has allowed Stubhub to venture into other marketplaces around the world, turning it into a worldwide marketplace. People all over the world can now use their site to purchase and sell tickets.

This can come with some issues, which has been the cause of some mixed feelings about the Stubhub website. Keep in mind, however, that the people selling the tickets are individual sellers and not a part of Stubhub itself. The site can’t be held responsible for the individual’s actions, but they do what they can to help remedy any issue that may come up.

Ticket Supply & Prices


Because Stubhub is a home for individuals to resell tickets, this allows customers to be able to find tickets for events that are already sold out. This is a great advantage these days, especially with the act of ticket purchasing being so easy, events sell out quickly. This site gives people a chance to find tickets from those who are no longer going and are willing to part with their seats.

This means that you are likely able to find tickets to whatever event you’re looking for, even StubHub football tickets that may be hard to come by elsewhere. Stubhub has tickets for sports, concerts, and theatre, so all you have to do is select which category you are looking for and type in the show you want. A list of locations where tickets are still available will pop up and you can take your pick.

These tickets for shows that are sold out can be pricey, but it all depends on the individual seller. So, if you are willing to pay to see a sold-out show of one of your favourite singers, then it’ll be well worth the price to be able to go.

Stubhub also has FanProtect, which I will go into detail about later. This protection allows customers to feel safe when purchasing tickets as they know that they, and their wallets, will not be taken advantage of. You can trust that Stubhub is legit, and safe when it comes to securing your tickets.



Like I mentioned before, the Stubhub sites have several different currencies for payment. They have many sites that have different currencies already shown if you are looking for one in particular.

The site has priced in US dollar amounts, while the has the price listed in pounds. There is also a separate European site at where the ticket prices are shown in euros. You can also use their master site at where the prices and currencies will come up based on your location.

Search Bars, Filters & Navigation


When you are searching on the site, because there are so many events, you will want to narrow down your search as much as possible. When first looking for an event, it is best to type in the search bar the name of the city that it is in. This will bring up a page that lists the categories of events happening there, like dance performances and music events. Then, below these categories is a list of all the events going on.

Next, you will want to put in the name of the artist you are looking for, or the name of the show you want to attend. This will bring up a list of events at which they will be performing. The events are listed by dates, not by location, so if your location has a later date then you will have to scroll down a bit to find it. But it’ll likely be there.

The list is always shown with the earliest show first, and the rest of the dates descending. So, if you search by date, all events going on that day will come up. That can be a pretty long list, so you are better off searching by event and artist, it is easiest to find that way.

The filters come up when looking at each event, and you can see the layout of the venue. If the event has assigned seating, then you can choose the exact seats you want from the menu. The filters also have a drop-down menu for how many tickets you want to purchase and what type. This means that there can be VIP tickets, box seating, or general admission close to the front which will vary by price. You can simply choose your option and go straight to payment.

How Easy Is Stubhub to Use?


The Stubhub website is very user-friendly and it is fairly simple to use. You begin by making an account through the site. This is basic information like your name, email, and a password that you create on the spot. You should write down your password or have it remembered on your device to make login easy for the next time you use it. If you don’t, you will have to have it emailed to you.

Then you can start searching for events you want to find tickets for. Searching for tickets, as I mentioned before, is straight forward. Search for the event you want in the search bar, then use the filters to choose the exact tickets you’re going to buy, and confirm payment.

Once you have found and selected the tickets you want to purchase, the confirmation page will come up. On this page, you will see the breakdown of pricing which includes the price of the ticket and any service or processing fees. Before you pay, you can look at everything to make sure you have the right day and event, then you can use any major credit card or debit cards to pay.

Stubhub also has payment options like PayPal, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Stubhub gift cards. Gift cards can be purchased like any other and can be a traditional plastic card, or an e-gift card. To use this at checkout, you will simply need to type in the code and you can use that amount towards your purchase.

Buying tickets and using the website is simple and quick, so even if you have never used the site – or one like it – you will be able to navigate your way around with ease.

What Is The Stubhub Guarantee?


The FanProtect guarantee is Stubhub’s ticket protection against fraudulent tickets, as well as a guaranteed refund for events that are cancelled. Fanprotect will refund your money for any ticket if an unreputable seller sends you a fraudulent ticket that can’t be used for the event. In this case, Stubhub will refund you the full amount and address the seller. So, you can rest assured that you will be in good hands.

It is very important to document any issues that happened with your tickets during the order process or during the event in order for StubHub to activate their ticket guarantee. Make sure to have every available information on your case ready, keep your emails, photos, videos or any correspondence with the venue for future reference.

Events can sometimes be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, especially if an event is outside. So, with FanProtect you know that even if the event doesn’t go on, you will receive your money back. FanProtect makes getting Stubhub reputable tickets, fast and simple.

This guarantee does not guarantee a refund for any reason, however, so if you end up not being able to make it to your event, Stubhub doesn’t have to refund you. This is only in place to protect from outside issues. If you know that you can’t make it to an event, you can always try to resell your ticket back on Stubhub. They will take 10% of the sale, but you won’t lose out on the entire ticket price.

How To Contact The Site


Stubhub UK and its other sites have a live chat feature that allows you to ask questions and resolve any issues fast and efficiently. This chat is accessed by clicking on Live Chat on the screen. This will pull up a small chat screen where you can ask questions. The answers will be automated at first, but if your question isn’t answered, then you will have a Stubhub trustable customer service provider take over.

There is a contact form on the site if any other communication is needed. However, because the site is easy to use, most inquiries will probably be best-taken care of on the live chat. It is simple, quick, and the support team can fix any problems that you are having right away. The contact form will have you waiting for an email, which could take some time.

There is also a number to call for any urgent issues listed under the Stubhub UK contact info, as well as a link to a list of Stubhub international customer service numbers for calls outside of the UK to the U.S. and Canada. The lines are open from 09:00-21:00 UK time, daily. There are numbers for Stubhub contact UK as well.

Is Stubhub Legit, Safe, And Reliable?


Buying anything online can seem like you’re taking an inherent risk, but this site is safe and secured. With the FanProtect guarantee in place, you can rest easy knowing that Stubhub will take care of any unforeseen issues.

Stubhub guarantees that you will get your tickets in time for the show, and be refunded if the event is cancelled and not rescheduled. This means that if you don’t receive your tickets by the time they should’ve been sent, then Stubhub will fix the issue with a refund, or possibly Stubhub e-tickets that will allow you to enter the event.

In the event that you don’t receive your tickets, this is by the fault of the individual seller. If you contact Stubhub and they find that the seller has not lived up to their end of the sale, then they will take that seller off the site. Therefore, they can’t try to do it again.

With Stubhub taking care of their customers and guaranteeing a solution, you can feel safe that purchasing your tickets on Stubhub will get you to your event.

Can you trust StubHub to get you your tickets?


With any large global marketplace, there is a chance that things might go south, the most important thing when buying from such a ticket marketplace is that they have a reliable customer support team that can handle issues at scale and are quick and responsive to any issue that might arise.

Here bellow you you can find an example of a great use case where a fan had issues with their order and the Stubhub team took care of the issue in a professional manner.



Although there may be some cons to using this site, overall, the Stubhub experience is great. Besides having a slightly higher cost for tickets due to resale, the rest of the points are pros. With an easy to use site that is quick and simple, FanProtect to guarantee your tickets will get to you, and the Stubhub international customer support chats to handle any issues as they come up, Stubhub is highly recommended.

You have a huge marketplace to search through and you will likely be able to find the tickets to the event you are looking for. Whether you’re searching for Stubhub football tickets or the next big concert, you’ll find what you need. With tons of events available on the site, you can even search for new events to check out.

Overall, Stubhub is a great place to find the tickets you want, at a decent price, and be able to have a pleasant experience while doing it. Not every site offers what Stubhub offers, with the guarantee that you will be taken care of. So, next time you’re looking for tickets for a popular or sold-out event, look to Stubhub to have what you need.

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