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Jokers de

As Germany’s largest multi-channel bookseller, Weltbild is the best-known book retail brand in Germany at 83 percent (BrandIndex 10/2014). Founded in 1948 as a Catholic publishing house, Weltbild is now one of the leading book, media and internet companies in Europe under the new sole shareholder Droege Group AG.

Millions of customers come to Weltbild via online shops, direct marketing, their own branches and social networks. Weltbild .de is No. 2 in the online book trade and No. 3 in the growing segment of digital books as a co-founder of the successful tolino alliance.

Jokers de

Weltbild is much more than a dealer: We publish exclusive books and the best content from well-known authors from the bestseller lists as Weltbild editions with a price advantage of at least 30% compared to the original edition. And Weltbild sees itself as a shopping coach: we present tailor-made, attractive theme worlds and products to our target groups.

Help shape the future at Weltbild: The innovative ability of our employees and the quality of our work are the decisive factors. Focusing on the current and future needs of our customers is the focus of all our activities.

The innovative ability of our employees and the quality of our work are the decisive factors. Focusing on the current and future needs of our customers is the focus of all our activities.

Our common goal is to guarantee a unique offer, to maintain our high level of quality and to expand our leading position in the market.

Overview of jokers

Jokers de

Innovative solutions must be developed, implemented and optimized. New ideas, flexibility and mobility are important to us! Therefore, on the one hand, we need creative minds and rethinkers who contribute to our goals with fresh ideas and forward-looking approaches, but on the other hand, we also need experienced colleagues who can strengthen us with their know-how. Definitely people who value independent thinking and have the courage to make decisions.

Exciting tasks and challenging projects await you. We attach great importance to social skills. For us, this means above all a friendly, respectful interaction with one another in order to strengthen the team spirit and to make the working atmosphere motivating and dynamic.

Weltbild not only opens up the best opportunities for you to help shape the future of a large media and online mail order company, but also your own.

Jokers de

With its brands Weltbild, Jokers, bücher .de, teNeues, tausendkind, Gärtner Pötschke, Orbisana and others, the Weltbild D2C Group operates one of the leading direct-to-consumer platforms (D2C) in the German-speaking region.

In recent years, the Weltbild D2C Group has developed from a multi-channel retailer to a manufacturer with strong private labels . This means that all products and services reach the customer via the shortest possible route.


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  • Thousand Kind Writing Contest – The most beautiful slumber story
  • Weltbildliest is starting the spring with a refresh

jokers Product Review

Jokers de

Compare prices – buy at Jokers! Buy books, CDs, DVDs, games and much more cheaply: this is made possible by special items, special editions and remaining editions .

This is where the strength of Jokers lies, because our purchasing procures books from all German-speaking publishers at low prices. In addition, there are our Jokers Editions with great price advantages . That makes us a bookshop and book mail order company with low prices. Use us as a price search engine for cheap books!

A bargain fox makes the deal with us. But although he finds thousands of remaining books from us, the book he is looking for is not always cheaper. All book titles that every other bookstore offers at a fixed retail price are added here online for you as a customer: new releases, classics, novels, thrillers, biographies, guidebooks, cookbooks, non-fiction books and foreign-language titles… And that’s hundreds of thousands, even millions of articles in the Offer! You don’t need to go to a bookstore: Before you buy a book, you can take a look inside the book and read customer reviews.

Do you want to buy books cheaply and conveniently? No problem. Because in our shop you can easily order books online and have them delivered to your home free of charge (pure book orders from a total order value of 5 euros). Our customer comments are particularly helpful for those who are undecided. Service by mail order couldn’t be more convenient!

jokers Audio books and their long road to success Review

Jokers de

Audio books, as audio books are also called, used to be a niche product primarily for the blind. Today, the audio book and radio play have arrived in the mass market. Numerous audio book publishers have specialized in radio plays, podcasts, audio features, readings and audio guides. Reading was the beginning when the blind audio library was founded in Marburg in 1954.

At that time only Deutsche Grammophon produced audio books in German, often in cooperation with the theatre. The target group were visually impaired people . The audio book business experienced a first expansion in the 1970s. Radio stations made a wealth of archive recordings available to Deutsche Grammophon.

There were still no audio book bestsellers, but the late 1970s brought the audio cassettemany audio books to fall asleep in the children’s room. Audio book releases became more common. In 1978, Steinbach speaking books was the first purely audio book publisher in the German-speaking world. However, audio books only made their breakthrough as a mass medium in the 1990s with the new sound carrier CD.

Jokers de

The Internet made it possible to buy an audio book online: as a CD, MP3 or download. Audio book junkies can play their crime thriller or classic audio book on a myriad of audio book players and other devices. Well-known publishers publish audio books or founded audio book publishers. There are also many pure audio book publishers such as Hörverlag, Hörbuch Hamburg, Hörbuch Europa etc.

Audio book listeners have become demanding. You want to listen to audio books, unabridged or abridged, audio books for seniors, new audio books, the audio book for the film, it is based on audio book charts and audio book recommendations. Whether audio book of the year, audio book philosophy or audio books fantasy: Jokers audio books makes buying audio books online an experience : Even discerning listeners will find good, up-to-date and exciting audio book recommendations here, from audio book tips from an insider to the audio book top ten.

jokers Buy films on DVD and Blu-ray for home cinema and music CDs at Jokers Review

Jokers de

Watching films at home has advantages: Instead of queuing at the box office, make yourself comfortable on your sofa. In addition, you can watch the films whenever and as often as you like – without any annoying commercial breaks, and the unavoidable rustling of popcorn bags is also eliminated!

So that you see what really interests you, you will find a large selection of films at Jokers, whether on DVD or Blu-ray. Look forward to great film classics and independent productions, international series highlights , horror films , comedies and films for children , science fiction films , documentaries and educational films , action films , cinematic delicacies…

Grab it and design your own entertainment program! We offer you many DVDs and Blu-rays at a reasonable Jokers price

Our range of music CDs has something for every taste: whether rock and pop , hits and chansons , classical music , jazz , concert recordings, country music, gospels , CDs for meditation and relaxation , film music , world music , children’s songs on CD , historical recordings or Instrumental CDs – the selection is large.

Whether for yourself or as a nice gift for your loved ones: Order your music CDs easily, reliably and with no minimum order value at Jokers .de!

jokers Children’s world at Jokers: playful learning for life Review

Jokers de

Children want to discover the world! Encourage your children’s development with age-appropriate toys, exciting children’s books, pedagogically valuable learning games, ideas for creative hobbies… Here you will find everything that inspires girls and boys!

Playing has long been scientifically proven to be more than just a pastime. Children get to know their environment through play, they acquire social skills through play, and they train their mental and physical abilities through games.

Curiosity and imagination are the drivers for this and should therefore be encouraged by all means. Toys, books, craft ideas, sports equipment, learning aids, films or music help with early support, development and education and should be individually tailored to age, abilities and inclinations. So choose carefully! You will definitely find what you are looking for in the large children’s world at Jokers.

jokers Bargain Review : Our service for you

Jokers de

At Jokers we want to make your hobby of reading as cheap as possible. With us, bargain hunters will find current offers, cheap remaining stock, special items with price advantages and special offers.

Bookstores call it Antiquariat or Modernes Antiquariat when they sell remaining editions or defective copies. At a book flea market you can also read about returns. Important: As a bookstore for the good book, we attach great importance to the fact that you only find the best products in our range when you search for books . Every euro is too much for bad reading material!

Top special editions

Jokers de

You may be familiar with special expenses from income tax. Booksellers also speak of a special edition. But by that they mean a book that used to be more expensive as a so-called original edition and is now printed cheaper in a different way.

You can get such special edition books exclusively from us – as a so-called Jokers Edition . Such an edition of Jokers is a real bargain and you can get it in our online shop like in a “factory outlet” – only much more conveniently by shipping and that also postage free for pure book orders from an order value of 5 euros and for mixed ones Shopping baskets from an order value of 29 euros.

Price advantages also for audio books and DVD

But for us, browsing and saving money doesn’t just refer to books, but to the whole world of media: you can also find CDs (audio books) and DVDs cheaper than you’re used to. Click on the desired topic in the navigation on the left and you will find discount after discount in the prices of films, audio books and books. Convince yourself: Jokers is often cheaper than second hand , so a real shopping tip for book lovers!


Jokers de

When can I see my order?

You can view your order within a few seconds under “My Account” if you have a customer login. If you need a new user account, you can create one here .

How do I order from Jokers?

Place the items you want in the shopping cart. Once all items are in the shopping cart, proceed to checkout and log in with your email address and password. If you do not yet have a user account with us, please follow the link “New here?” during the ordering process. Or you can create a new account here now. Alternatively, you can also order as a guest.

How do I change my order?

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How do I cancel my order?

It is not possible to cancel your order. In order to deliver your order as quickly as possible, we transfer the order data from the shop to our logistics department immediately. Titles that are subsequently delivered can be canceled by our customer service .

Where can I access an online returns slip?

You can easily call up an online return slip under “My Account” and “My Orders”.

Detailed information on the subject of returns can be found in our General Terms and Conditions .

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