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London Fog Luggage Reviews 2022 Buying Guide


Old is gold- I bet you have heard of this saying. Well, it is not hard to trust a brand that has been in existence for close to a decade now. While it started as an apparel manufacturer, London Fog has gained global recognition in the world of luggage Suitcases. The best London Fog Luggage combines a classic and polished look to create a timeless appeal. These bags are also designed with the needs of modern travelers in mind. This makes it easy to find a model that meets your needs. Equally important, you can now travel with confidence thanks to the iconic design.

Express your unique style and make a fashion statement with any of these London Fog Luggage bags. Of course, this brand understands that peoples’ needs aren’t the same. For this reason, the London fog bags come in different varieties to meet their unique needs.

These bags have different sizes, shapes, and styles. The following informative on the best London fog luggage reviews has everything you need to know about these products.


If you find yourself carrying too much and you need more space, then the London Fog Buckingham 44 inch bag is your perfect companion. This model comes in a sophisticated, stylish design, which offers you plenty of space. It is also packed with extra durability and toughness. At the same time, this model is super lightweight, making it an excellent choice for people who travel on a regular base. Nevertheless, is it the right choice? Let’s find out.

Construction Materials

The London fog Buckingham is a high end wheeled garment bag that boasts of sturdy construction. This ensures years of reliable service. The exterior is crafted from lightweight yet durable polyester material. Next, it comes with heavy-duty zippers that ensure optimal protection for all your items.

Another notable feature is the two hooks for easy hanging. These hooks enable you to hang all your clothes in an open closet. This allows for not only easy access but also ensures that you don’t have to unload and repack.


Overall, this versatile London Fog Luggage suitcase makes your local and overseas travel easy. It comes with 360 wheels rotation design, which enables you to transverse a crowded airport with ease. Equally important, this model boasts of an oversized book opening design.

The main compartment has multiple compartments for organizing your items. You can hand your dresses, jackets, suits, and other apparel to prevent any stubborn creases. Even better, this model includes compartments for your shoes, undergarments toiletries, and more.

It’s Size

This London Fog Luggage is quite spacious and includes useful hangers, which lets you organize your apparel. Thanks to the fold-down flap and extension, this bag accommodates longer and bigger hanging garments. As if this is not enough, this model comes with a compact folded size.

This makes it easy to store and bring along whenever you need it. Equally, its extendable size allows you to carry more stuff. What’s more, the thoughtful design ensures that you don’t exceed the size limitation for most airlines.


Having been designed for business and other formal trips, this bag ensures that your clothes are wrinkle-free. It boasts of a durable exterior and interior, which provides that your items are safe and secure.

Besides the durable nylon exterior, this model also features a sturdy frame that ensures that it retains its shape for years. Likewise, it is equipped with durable, maintenance-free caster wheels.

Special Features

First, the main compartment comes with six zippered sections. This allows you to organize all your accessories. Next, we have the padded and adjustable shoulder strap, which boosts your comfort. Not to mention, it features a beautiful, sleek design with modern hardware accents.


  • It has a lightweight and compact design
  • It is Stylish, modern and spacious
  • The interior is fully lined and fitted with a tie-down strap
  • It features multiple interior pockets for easy organization


  • The wheels have a somewhat annoying clicking sound

Should you buy it?

The London Fog Buckingham 44″ London Fog Luggage is a practical choice for business trips that takes no more than a week. The smart, compact design gives you a professional look. Moreover, this bag isn’t too bulky to handle in a crowded airport and is sturdy enough to withstand repeated use.


Are you looking forward to traveling for a business trip or a formal event? The London Fog Kensington II 20 inch carryon bag makes an ultimate choice. Designed in a stylish, modern appeal, this model makes you stand out amongst your peers. Equally, its classic design includes all the features a frequent traveler would need. So, what makes it stand out?

Construction Materials

The London Fog Kensington II 20″ Expandable carry on makes you feel like a first-class traveler even if you are on a crowded train. It is crafted from scratch-resistant and rips stop fabric that ensures that your stuff stays secure. Unlike other mediocre products, this model also boasts of a sturdy metal frame, which retains its shape for years.

All the edges are reinforced, and the seams double stitched for enhanced durability. Similarly, this model has aluminum channel tubes, making it a true travel companion.


At the first look, this carries on depicts a classic, strong, and reliable look. It has a smooth touch feel and a decent size. Besides the aesthetics, this bag is piratical to use. To start with, it boasts of eight spinning wheels, which keeps it in the right direction.

This makes it easy to maneuver on paved and slightly rough surfaces. When it comes to the interior, it features tie-down straps that ensure that your stuff stays where they need to be, despite a bumpy ride.

More importantly, this model has a fog guard, which provides that the bag is stain free and waterproof. Travel with confidence without having to worry about bad weather.


As you would expect, this model is made from durable materials that withstand the test of time. The tough tri-weave ballistic fabric exterior ensures that your stuff stays dry and secure.

Next, we have a sturdy frame that breezes through repeated abrasion and bombardment in the cabin storage. At the same time, we love the high-quality zippers that ensure a safe closure.

It’s Size

With an expandable 20 inches capacity, this carries on enables you to bring what you need for your trip. The interior is big enough to accommodate your clothes, shoes, toiletries, and other essentials that you need for your flights.

Other notable features that come with this model include the tie-down straps and multiple zippered pockets.

Special Features

Additionally, this model boasts of a host of useful features, which boosts the overall performance. First, this model expands to 2 inches, bringing you additional packing capacity.

Next, we have industrial strength and self-repairing zippers. Similarly, this model also includes an aluminum handle system as well as an identification pocket at the back.


  • It boasts of smooth-rolling wheels with self-aligning technology
  • The Ergonomic, sturdy aluminum handle makes it easy to carry
  • It includes an identifier ID pocket at the back
  • It Keeps your credit cards safe with the RFID technology


  • Some people find it too big especially when traveling for short trips

Should you buy it?

The London Fog Kensington II 20″ carry on hardly gets old. This is made possible by the exclusive frame paired with tri- weave ballistic fabric. In the same breath, it comes in a decent size, which offers you plenty of space for vacations, long trips, or weekend getaways.


Compact yet spacious, the London Fog Cambridge II 15″ boasts of an all-time fan favorite design and style. It comes in various stylish shades, making it easy for you to match your outfit.

One of the reasons why it has remained a highly sought after travel bag is its unique design that fits underneath the seats of most airlines. This versatile design allows you to access all the items you need during your flight.

Construction Materials

The constructions pair’s tough woven polyester fabric exterior and a sturdy metallic frame. It also has a patented eight-spinner wheel and an aluminum handle. The woven design not only stands out in terms of look but also withstands harsh weather and travel rigors.

Better still, this bag is also well padded with EVA foam to ensure superior protection. The fog guard protection is also a great addition to repel stain and water.


The London Fog Cambridge II 15″ under-seat bag also takes pride in its compact design, which meets the requirements of a major airline. True, this isn’t the largest model available, but at least it lets you bring all your essentials for a short formal or casual trip.

The compact design also makes it a perfect choice for people who don’t want to check-in their baggage. More importantly, it is slightly adjustable. This enables you to bring souvenirs without much difficulty.


It comes in a honeycomb structure, which creates the right blend of strength and lightweight design. The sturdy design stands the test of time, making it durable for any travel requirement. It comes with corner guards and back panes that are reinforced. Best of all, this model comes with self-repairing, ergonomic zippers.

It’s Size

As mentioned, this bag comes in a compact design that conveniently fits underneath most airline seats. While it is smaller than other models, it enables you to bring all your essentials for a short trip. It has three interior compartments for organizing your stuff and three zippered exterior pockets.

Special Features

Equally important, this London Fog Luggage comes with impressive additional features that boost your convenience. It has a handy removable bag, a rear pocket ID slot, and an ergonomic aluminum handle. Some of the other notable features include the multi-directional spinner wheels and two ergonomic straps.


  • It has a lightweight, compact, and versatile design
  • It fits underneath most airline seats
  • The Smooth spinner wheels allow for a smooth and easy maneuver in crowded stations
  • It has a modern, stylish design


  • Unfortunately, this model is not dirt resistant

Should you buy it?

With a versatile, practical design, the Cambridge II under seat bag is an excellent pick for people looking for an overnight bag, a rolling tote, or a handy business case. It’s simple, eight spinner wheels also make it easy to maneuver through crowded bus stations and airports.


Make local or overseas travel a breeze with the London fog Cambridge II 20″ bag. Its compact yet elegant design matches your unique needs while still allowing you to make a fashion statement. With durable design and decent size, this bag makes a perfect choice for short business travel, weekend getaway, as well as overseas vacations

Construction Materials

Cambridge II 20″ Expandable bag is made of woven houndstooth and hyper-light chassis. It also features a grid base, which is not just durable but also ensures superior impact resistance. Despite the advanced construction, this model retains a lightweight design.

Notably, the bag also features fog guard protection, which helps it repel dirt, water, and stains. This makes it not only easy to clean but also keeps it as good as new!


This London Fog Luggage enables you to carry a few days to week clothing. Its spacious interior lets you organize all your items in ease, while the straps ensure that your things stay in place.

Speaking of organizing, this model comes with an interior organizer that consists of two shoe compartments and three zippered compartments. Besides, it also includes a removable toiletry bag and two exterior pockets.


The sturdy frame, combined with woven houndstooth materials, ensures that it never deforms or loses its shape. This also keeps your items organized even when it encounters rough handling.

Similarly, this bag also resists water and scratches. This makes it not only withstand travel rigors but also maintain a great look in many years.

It’s Size

Compact yet spacious; this bag enables you to carry all your essentials. It features plenty of zippered interior and exterior pockets for easy organization. More importantly, the expandable design enables you to pack more items. This enables you to bring a souvenir every time you visit a new destination.

Special Features

This bag also comes with excellent features that boost your convenience. We love the ergonomic comfort grip that feels nice in your hand. It includes eight low profile recessed spinner whiles that ensures smooth navigation. What’s more, it contains a protective corner and back skid guards as well as a rear ID Pocket.


  • It comes in a lightweight, stylish design
  • The superior construction enables enhanced durability
  • It is easy to maneuver even in crowded places
  • It includes a rear ID pocket slot


  • It may look bulky when fully expanded

Should you buy it?

Overall, the London Fog Cambridge II 20″ bag is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a compact, light, yet spacious travel bag. More importantly, this model comes with fog guard protection. This makes it resistant to water and dirt.


Crowded airports, subway stations, and busy bus stations – you shouldn’t expect any less in our fast-paced world. Nevertheless, traveling doesn’t have to be a nightmare. The London Fog Knightsbridge 44″ garment bag saves you from this fate.

It features a compact design and smooth-rolling wheels that allow for easy navigation. Still, will it serve your unique travel needs? Let’s find out;

Construction Materials

Similar to the other models above the Knightsbridge 44″ Wheeled Garment Bag is made from tough and durable construction. It is made using tear-resistant and waterproof materials that withstand harsh weather conditions.

Besides, it features a solid frame, which is not only impact-resistant but also sturdy. Better still, the construction materials are surprisingly lightweight and elegant.


Notably, this model comes in a book opening design. The design includes a spacious compartment and other various sections for organizing your shoes, undergarments, and toiletries.

It also provides metal brackets that hold your clothes easily without the need for any special hangers. Equally, thanks to the fold-down extension, you can no hang your suits, pants, and other longer garments.


As mentioned, this bag pairs a solid frame and a tough woven fabric exterior. The corners are reinforced to ensure they withstand travel rigors. Similarly, the seams feature double sticking to ensure longevity.

It’s Size

At 4 x 23 x 44 inches, most airlines accept this bag inside the cabin. However, some airlines might not allow it depending on how big the overhead compartment is or how crowded the plane is. When it comes to interior space, this bag is spacious. It features one main compartment and multiple compartments. Equally, it has handy exterior pockets with zippers.

Special Features

Incredibly, this bag doesn’t fall short of useful features that boost your overall travel convenience. First, we have an ergonomic spinner wheel that ensures a smooth maneuver. Next, this model comes with a handy telescopic handle and three carrying handles. Moreover, you also get an additional toiletry bag, which also helps in organizing your luggage.


  • It features Stylish design with attractive woven materials
  • It has a fully lined interior and tie-down straps
  • It comes with a large interior compartment and multiple pockets for easy organization
  • The telescoping handle and spinner wheels ensure a quick and smooth maneuver


  • The handle could extend more to boost the comfort of taller individuals

Should you buy it?

Whether you are traveling for an informal event or business, the Knightsbridge 44″ garment bag keeps your clothes free of wrinkles. This bag enables you to hang all your clothes, ensuring a simple closet transmission when you reach your destination. Better yet, it features multiple exterior and interior compartments that help to keep all your items organized.


Choosing a high-end Luggage bag is not a walk in the park, mainly because it is somewhat an expensive investment. And, since these bags don’t come cheap, it is financially draining to purchase a luggage bag now and then. This London Fog luggage Reviews guide will help you find a model that meets your needs.


The first and probably the most crucial tip you need to consider is the kind of usage you will need from your bag. Are you looking forward to short weekend getaways, long vacations, or weeklong business trips?

Obviously, a large luggage bag is ideal for an extended vacation since you need to bring more clothing and other stuff. However, if you want something for short trips, then a smaller bag will suit your needs.


While not everyone would want polyester or nylon or polycarbonate, most people tend to prefer one of these. Luckily, the London Fog luggage bag is made from either of these materials. The Polyester and Nylon are all soft sides, making them ideal for people who love a lightweight and compact bag.

However, if you are looking to carry delicate items, we recommend going for models manufactured from polycarbonate materials.


Well, each of the London fog luggage bags is designed to offer you a long and reliable service. However, just like any other product, some of these products last for longer. When it comes to durability, look at the construction materials. A polycarbonate model will last longer than a nylon model.

However, they are more prone to scratches and are often too rigid to fit under the seats of an airplane. Overall, each of these models will not only last for a decent period but also maintains a great look.

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London fog luggage suitcases bring the right blend of quality and durability. This makes them an ideal choice for anyone looking for additional convenience and style. Moreover, this brand holds a fashionable status in not only bags but also other clothing. Therefore, if you are seeking something above average, selecting any of the models in our London Fog luggage Reviews will suit your needs. Happy buying!

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