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Let’s be honest: pet parents love to spoil their four-legged friends. Whether it’s a new chew toy or the healthiest, best-tasting, top-of-the-line food, there is no limit to what you would buy for your dog or cat.

To help you shop smarter the next time you’re itching to get your furry sidekick something new, we’ve rounded up the 15 most popular products at Petco. Its stores are operating in limited hours due to COVID-19, but Petco recently began offering curbside pick-up, meaning you can order many of these pet-approved favorites online, then pick them up directly at the store.

From the number one scratching post for cats to the cult-favorite Thundershirt for dogs, these are the things other pet parents swear by.

This dog toy with a cult following


There are few puppy products as iconic—or as popular—as the classic Kong toy, which has hundreds of rave reviews at Petco. One of our experts uses the all-natural rubber toy with her own pooch—she says she simply fills it with some peanut butter and it keeps her dog entertained for hours.

This adjustable dog crate


“I love when my dog destroys my home while I’m at work,” said no one ever. That’s why crates are a god-send for many pet parents. This one is top-rated by Petco shoppers for being spacious and secure (it has a strong bolt latch) and for having convenient features like a removable divider—so you can adjust the space as your pup grows—and a composite pan for easy accident clean-up.

This highly-rated scratching post for cats


Fact: Cats like to scratch things. And if you don’t want your brand new couch getting destroyed, you’ll need a scratching post like this one from Petco. Made with woven sisal, it won’t snag your cat’s nails like a carpeted post would and it’s tall enough that your cat can even get a good stretch in while they scratch. Reviewers also like how strong and sturdy the post is and they say it holds up well over time.

These treats that keep your dog’s teeth clean


If you’re a dog owner, chances are you’ve heard of veterinarian-recommended Greenies. The popular dental dog chews—which have over 1,200 reviews at Petco—are famous for both cleaning your dog’s teeth and freshening their breath. The natural, easy-to-digest treats are praised for being loved by dogs (very important!) and for doing exactly what they’re supposed to.

A medication to repel fleas and ticks from your pup


Flea and tick medication is a must-have, especially for those living near wooded areas. One popular choice is the K9 Advantix II topical medication, which comes veterinarian-recommended and lasts up to four weeks between each dose. It’s also a good alternative to the Seresto collar, which has been found to have risks associated with it.

This self-cleaning litter box


You love your cat but you don’t love cleaning their litter box every single day. Enter this game-changing litter box, which cleans itself in seconds—all you have to do is simply roll it over and voila, the waste is sifted out. According to its 1,300+ reviews, the box is not only incredibly easy to use but it also helps cut down on unwanted odors.

This water fountain for both cats and dogs


Dogs and cats alike can stay properly hydrated with this popular pet fountain, which continuously circulates and filters water so your four-legged friends are getting the freshest, cleanest water. Reviewers like that it has such a large capacity (it can hold up to 50 fluid ounces) and that the free-falling stream encourages pets to drink more.

This shirt that keeps your dog calm


If your dog freaks out every time it storms, they might benefit from the popular Thundershirt. With hundreds of five-star reviews at Petco, the machine-washable shirt is praised for how effectively it is at easing dogs’ anxiety by providing gentle pressure. Pet owners also say it can be used for other stress-inducing situations like travel or trips to the vet.

This popular grain-free cat food


You try to eat healthy so why not help your cat do the same? This wet cat food has received tons of praise from fellow pet parents because not only is it free of grains, but it’s also free of artificial flavors and preservatives. I.e. it provides your kitty with a nutritious and balanced meal full of all-natural ingredients.

This chew toy that dogs love


Dogs might be man’s best friend but everyone knows that chew toys and bones are dog’s best friends. Get both of those things in one with the popular Nylabone. Made of incredibly durable rubber, the chew bone is a favorite among dog owners who have “extreme chewers.” Along with keeping your dog busy, it cleans their teeth and prevents plaque buildup at the same time. Win-win.

This toy that will keep your cat entertained


Step away from the laser pointer—hundreds of cat owners say this feather teaser is their kitty’s favorite toy. According to reviews, not only is it fun for cats to jump and paw at for hours but it’s also well-made, so the feathers can withstand even the roughest of play sessions.

This must-have spray for training your dog


Take it from someone who babysat her sister’s puppy for a week—this spray will save your sanity (and your things). I sprayed it on everything I didn’t want Berkeley to chew on and the bitter apple taste immediately deterred him. It worked so well, in fact, that eventually, even just picking up the bottle was enough to make him stop chewing or biting.

This best-selling dog food


If you’ve ever shopped for dog food, you know the amount of options available is overwhelming. But nearly 1,000 pet owners agree that this WholeHearted grain-free dry dog food is some of the best. They like that their dogs love to eat it, yes, but also that it’s packed with nutritious ingredients (real chicken is the first ingredient listed!), antioxidants, and even probiotics.

This car harness for traveling with your pup


While your dog might love sticking their head out the window or roaming around the car while you drive, it isn’t exactly the safest option. That’s why so many pooch parents like using this strong harness, which is crash-tested for dogs up to 75 pounds. With steel buckles and five adjustment points, it clips easily and securely onto your car seat.

The coziest pet blanket


You aren’t the only one who loves to snuggle up under a cozy throw blanket—so does your pet. Made for both cats and dogs, this plush fleece blanket has a 4.5-star rating because it’s lined with super soft sherpa and is a great way to prevent your pet from shedding all over your furniture.

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