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Outdoor Voices Review: Quality and Performance of Their Workout Clothes

Outdoor Voices

About Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices is an American clothing company focused on the design and sale of athletic apparel. The company was founded in 2013 by Tyler Haney in New York City, and is now headquartered in Austin. The company’s products are sold online and at its stores.

Outdoor Voices is known for its bright, colorful designs, its focus on comfort and functionality, and its emphasis on encouraging people to get outside and be active. The company’s tagline is “#DoingThings,” and it encourages people to embrace their inner kid and have fun while they’re exercising.

Outdoor Voices has been successful because it has tapped into a growing trend of people who want to be active but don’t want to give up their sense of style. The company’s products are comfortable and stylish, and they’re perfect for people who want to look good while they’re hiking, running, or playing sports.

Outdoor Voices is a company that is doing a lot of things right. It is focused on creating high-quality products that are both comfortable and functional, and it is also committed to encouraging people to get outside and be active. These factors have helped Outdoor Voices to become a successful company, and it is likely to continue to grow in popularity in the years to come.

Outdoor Voices Collection Review

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices is a popular activewear brand that is known for its bright, colorful designs, comfort, and functionality. The company’s collections are designed to be versatile and can be worn for a variety of activities, from running and hiking to yoga and Pilates.

One of the things that sets Outdoor Voices apart from other activewear brands is its focus on sustainability. The company uses recycled materials in many of its products, and it has a goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2025.

  1. The Exercise Dress: This dress is a versatile staple that can be dressed up or down. It is made from a comfortable, sweat-wicking fabric and it has a flattering fit.
  2. The TechSweat Shorts: These shorts are perfect for running, hiking, or any other activity that requires a lot of movement. They are made from a breathable fabric that will keep you cool and dry, and they have a comfortable, relaxed fit.
  3. The CloudKnit Hoodie: This hoodie is a great choice for chilly days. It is made from a soft, plush fabric that is both warm and comfortable.
  4. The High-Rise Leggings: These leggings are a great choice for yoga, Pilates, or any other activity that requires a lot of flexibility. They are made from a comfortable, supportive fabric that will keep you feeling secure.

Outdoor Voices collection is a great option for people who are looking for comfortable, stylish, and affordable activewear. The clothes are perfect for a variety of activities, and they’re sure to add some personality to your workout wardrobe.

Outdoor Voices Dresses

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices, the popular activewear brand founded by Tyler Haney in 2014, has expanded its product line to include dresses that combine style, comfort, and versatility. These dresses are designed to seamlessly transition from active pursuits to everyday wear, catering to the modern woman who values both fashion and functionality.

The Outdoor Voices dresses are made from high-quality, performance fabrics that provide breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and stretch, ensuring optimal comfort during physical activities. The brand’s signature color palettes and minimalist designs contribute to a chic and effortless aesthetic.

What sets Outdoor Voices dresses apart is their adaptability. They are perfect for various activities, such as yoga, Pilates, or a morning run, thanks to their flexibility and movement-friendly construction. Yet, they’re equally suitable for casual outings, brunches, or running errands around town. The brand’s commitment to creating activewear that transcends traditional gym attire has resonated with customers seeking clothing that complements their active lifestyles without compromising on style.

Outdoor Voices’ inclusive sizing further emphasizes their dedication to empowering women of all body types to feel confident and beautiful while staying active. By providing a range of sizes, the brand ensures that more individuals can enjoy the comfort and fashion-forward designs of their dresses.

With Outdoor Voices dresses, women can effortlessly exude a sporty, yet chic look, whether they are headed to the gym, the office, or a social gathering. The brand’s commitment to fostering a sense of community and encouraging people to embrace movement has made Outdoor Voices a beloved choice for those seeking functional and stylish activewear with a modern edge.

Outdoor Voices Leggings

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices is renowned for its high-quality and versatile leggings, which have gained popularity among fitness enthusiasts and athleisure aficionados alike. The brand’s commitment to creating activewear that seamlessly blends style, comfort, and performance is exemplified in their leggings.

One of the key features that sets Outdoor Voices leggings apart is the use of premium performance fabrics. These materials offer excellent moisture-wicking properties, ensuring breathability and sweat control during workouts, yoga sessions, or any physical activity. The leggings also provide a four-way stretch, allowing for unrestricted movement and enhanced flexibility.

Outdoor Voices offers various styles of leggings, catering to different preferences and activities. Whether it’s the classic 7/8 length, full-length, or cropped options, each design is carefully crafted to flatter the body while providing optimal support. The brand’s inclusive sizing approach ensures that more people can find the perfect fit, contributing to a body-positive and inclusive community.

Beyond functionality, Outdoor Voices leggings are renowned for their modern and fashionable aesthetic. The brand frequently introduces new color palettes and trendy designs, making their leggings as suitable for workouts as they are for casual wear or lounging.

Moreover, Outdoor Voices emphasizes sustainability in their manufacturing processes, incorporating recycled materials into their leggings, which resonates with environmentally-conscious consumers.

Outdoor Voices leggings are a go-to choice for individuals seeking stylish activewear that performs exceptionally well during various activities, providing a seamless fusion of fashion and function for the modern active lifestyle.

Outdoor Voices Sports Bras

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices offers a range of sports bras that combine comfort, support, and style, making them essential pieces in any activewear wardrobe. Designed to complement an active lifestyle, Outdoor Voices sports bras are crafted with premium performance fabrics to ensure optimal functionality during workouts and other physical activities.

One of the standout features of Outdoor Voices sports bras is their innovative construction, which provides excellent support while allowing for unrestricted movement. The bras are engineered with moisture-wicking properties, enhancing breathability and keeping the wearer cool and dry during intense workouts. The brand’s commitment to quality ensures that the sports bras maintain their shape and support even after repeated use and washing.

Outdoor Voices offers a variety of sports bra styles, catering to different levels of activity and personal preferences. From light to medium to high support, there’s a suitable option for yoga, jogging, high-impact workouts, and everything in between. The bras come in a range of designs and colors, reflecting the brand’s contemporary and fashion-forward aesthetic.

As with their leggings, Outdoor Voices embraces inclusivity by providing a diverse range of sizes in their sports bras, ensuring that all individuals can find the perfect fit and feel confident during their activities.

Customers appreciate the brand’s focus on sustainability, with some sports bras incorporating recycled materials, making them an eco-conscious choice for those seeking environmentally-friendly activewear.

Outdoor Voices sports bras have garnered a loyal following due to their combination of functionality, style, and inclusivity, making them a popular choice for women looking for high-performance activewear that supports their active lifestyles.

Outdoor Voices Pants

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices offers a diverse and stylish range of pants that cater to various activities and everyday wear. Renowned for their focus on blending fashion with functionality, the brand’s pants are designed to provide comfort, flexibility, and versatility for active individuals.

One of the standout features of Outdoor Voices pants is the use of high-quality performance fabrics. Whether it’s leggings, joggers, or other styles, the materials are chosen for their breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and four-way stretch, ensuring ease of movement and comfort during workouts or outdoor activities.

The brand’s leggings, in particular, are sought after for their flattering fit and body-hugging silhouette. Available in various lengths and styles, including 7/8 length, full-length, and cropped, the leggings are suitable for a wide range of exercises, from yoga and pilates to running and gym workouts.

For those seeking a more relaxed fit, Outdoor Voices joggers are a popular choice. The joggers offer a comfortable yet stylish option for casual wear, lounging, or light activities.

Outdoor Voices pants come in an array of trendy colors and designs, reflecting the brand’s contemporary and fashion-forward aesthetic. Customers appreciate the brand’s commitment to providing inclusive sizing options, ensuring that people of all body types can find pants that fit them comfortably.

As with other Outdoor Voices products, sustainability is an essential aspect of their pants’ production. The use of eco-friendly materials and practices resonates with environmentally-conscious consumers seeking responsibly made activewear.

Outdoor Voices pants are a go-to choice for individuals who prioritize both fashion and performance in their activewear. With their blend of style, functionality, and inclusivity, the brand continues to be a favorite among those leading active and dynamic lifestyles.

Outdoor Voices Shorts

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices offers a wide range of shorts that combine comfort, style, and performance, making them essential pieces for anyone with an active lifestyle. Designed to keep up with various activities, Outdoor Voices shorts are crafted with premium fabrics that prioritize breathability and mobility.

One of the standout features of Outdoor Voices shorts is their versatility. Whether it’s running, hiking, yoga, or simply running errands, the brand’s shorts are designed to provide the perfect balance of support and freedom of movement. The materials used are known for their moisture-wicking properties, ensuring that sweat is effectively managed, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable during intense workouts.

The brand offers a diverse selection of shorts, including bike shorts, running shorts, and casual lounge shorts. Each style is thoughtfully designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind, boasting sleek lines and trendy colors that appeal to fashion-conscious consumers.

Outdoor Voices shorts are known for their flattering fit and attention to detail. The brand prioritizes inclusive sizing, allowing more individuals to find shorts that suit their body type and preferences.

As with other Outdoor Voices products, sustainability is a key aspect of their shorts’ production. Some shorts are crafted from eco-friendly materials, appealing to environmentally-conscious customers.

Customers often praise Outdoor Voices shorts for their durability and ability to retain their shape even after repeated wear and washing. The combination of style, comfort, and performance makes them a popular choice for active individuals seeking high-quality activewear.

Outdoor Voices shorts are a go-to option for those who desire fashionable and functional shorts that can seamlessly transition from workouts to casual wear, embodying the brand’s mission to encourage and empower people to stay active and embrace movement.

Outdoor Voices Sweatshirts & Jackets

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices extends its commitment to fashion-forward activewear with a collection of sweatshirts and jackets that merge style, comfort, and performance. Designed to withstand various weather conditions while keeping wearers cozy and chic, these sweatshirts and jackets are an essential addition to any active wardrobe.

Outdoor Voices sweatshirts are crafted from soft and breathable fabrics, delivering warmth without sacrificing mobility. From classic crewnecks to stylish hoodies, each piece offers a relaxed and flattering fit. The brand’s sweatshirts are perfect for pre and post-workout layering or casual wear, reflecting the brand’s emphasis on versatility.

When it comes to jackets, Outdoor Voices showcases a range of options to cater to diverse activities and environments. From lightweight windbreakers to insulated puffer jackets, their outerwear provides optimal protection against the elements. Breathable and weather-resistant materials ensure that wearers stay comfortable and dry during outdoor pursuits.

As with their other products, Outdoor Voices pays careful attention to design and aesthetics in their sweatshirts and jackets. Trendy colors, modern silhouettes, and functional details are incorporated to create a sleek and contemporary look.

Outdoor Voices sweatshirts and jackets embody the brand’s ethos of encouraging an active lifestyle while embracing style and functionality. Whether it’s a brisk outdoor workout or simply staying cozy on a rest day, these pieces offer the perfect blend of fashion and performance for those seeking high-quality and versatile activewear.

Outdoor Voices Shoes & Accessories

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices primarily focused on activewear, such as leggings, tops, sports bras, shorts, sweatshirts, and jackets. However, the brand may have expanded its product offerings since then to include shoes and accessories.

If Outdoor Voices has indeed expanded into shoes and accessories, it would likely be in line with their commitment to fashion-forward and functional products that cater to active lifestyles. Potential shoe offerings could include athletic footwear suitable for various activities like running, walking, and training. These shoes might be designed with features such as cushioning, support, and breathability to enhance performance and comfort during workouts.

As for accessories, Outdoor Voices may offer items like hats, bags, water bottles, and other essentials that complement their activewear line. These accessories would likely embody the brand’s modern and stylish aesthetic while providing practical functionality for active individuals on the go.

For the most current information about Outdoor Voices’ product offerings, including shoes and accessories, I recommend checking their official website or other reliable sources for the latest updates. Companies can evolve and introduce new products over time, so it’s essential to stay up-to-date to have an accurate understanding of their current product range.

Outdoor Voices Review from Customers

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices has received a mix of positive and negative reviews from customers. Many individuals have praised the brand for its fashionable and comfortable activewear, which seamlessly transitions from workouts to everyday wear. The brand’s leggings, in particular, have garnered significant appreciation for their flattering fit, soft fabric, and versatility.

Customers often appreciate Outdoor Voices’ commitment to promoting an active lifestyle and body positivity. The brand’s marketing and social media presence have helped create a sense of community, encouraging people to embrace movement and fitness in a fun and inclusive manner.

Moreover, Outdoor Voices‘ focus on sustainability and eco-friendly practices has resonated with environmentally-conscious consumers. The use of recycled materials in some of their products aligns with the values of customers seeking more sustainable activewear options.

However, there have also been some negative reviews. Some customers have reported issues with sizing discrepancies, recommending others to carefully review the brand’s size charts before making a purchase. Additionally, a few individuals have expressed dissatisfaction with customer service experiences or delivery times.

As with any brand, customer experiences can vary widely. Factors such as individual preferences, product types, and shipping locations can influence customers’ perceptions and satisfaction with their purchases.

To get the most current and accurate understanding of what customers think about Outdoor Voices, it’s best to check recent reviews on popular review platforms, social media, and e-commerce websites. Pay attention to patterns in feedback and consider the overall sentiment to form a well-rounded opinion about the brand and its products.

Keep in mind that customer reviews are subjective, and while they can be helpful, they may not necessarily represent everyone’s experience with the brand. It’s always a good idea to consider multiple sources and balance both positive and negative feedback when assessing a brand’s reputation.

Popular Alternatives to Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices

However, please note that the popularity and availability of brands can change over time, so it’s essential to check for the most current information. Here are some potential alternatives to Outdoor Voices:

  1. Lululemon: Lululemon is a well-known activewear brand that offers a wide range of high-quality leggings, tops, sports bras, and jackets. They are known for their technical fabrics and stylish designs suitable for both athletic activities and everyday wear.
  2. Athleta: Athleta is another popular activewear brand offering a variety of performance-oriented clothing for women. They focus on comfortable and functional activewear for various sports and outdoor activities.
  3. Sweaty Betty: Sweaty Betty is a UK-based brand that has gained popularity globally for its stylish and performance-driven activewear. They offer a mix of workout clothes, athleisure, and accessories.
  4. Fabletics: Co-founded by Kate Hudson, Fabletics is an activewear subscription service that offers stylish and affordable workout wear for women. Their monthly subscription model provides a personalized shopping experience based on individual preferences and style.
  5. Nike: A well-established sportswear brand, Nike offers a broad range of athletic apparel, including performance-focused activewear and casual sportswear.
  6. adidas: adidas is another renowned sportswear brand known for its stylish and functional activewear, including leggings, sports bras, and training tops.

These are just a few of the many popular alternatives to Outdoor Voices. When choosing an activewear brand, it is important to consider your personal preferences and needs. Consider the type of activities you will be using the clothing for, your budget, and your personal style.

Outdoor Voices Promotions & Discounts

Outdoor Voices

Promotions and discounts offered by Outdoor Voices may vary depending on the time of year, holidays, special events, or new product launches. Some common types of promotions and discounts that brands may offer include:

  1. New Customer Discount: New customers can get 20% off their first order.
  2. Referral Discount: When you refer a friend to Outdoor Voices, you’ll both get $20 off your next purchase.
  3. Student Discount: Students can get 20% off their orders.
  4. Healthcare Discount: Healthcare workers can get 30% off their orders.
  5. OV Extra: Outdoor Voices offers a sale called OV Extra, where you can get 20-50% off select styles.
  6. Labor Day Sale: Outdoor Voices offers a Labor Day sale, where you can get up to 50% off select styles.
  7. Black Friday Sale: Outdoor Voices offers a Black Friday sale, where you can get up to 70% off select styles.

Outdoor Voices promotions and discounts, visit their official website or subscribe to their email newsletter to receive updates directly. Additionally, following their social media accounts can be an excellent way to stay informed about any ongoing promotions or special offers they might have.

Is Outdoor Voices Worth It?

Outdoor Voices

Whether or not Outdoor Voices is “worth it” depends on your individual needs and preferences. Here are some factors to consider when making your decision:

  • Price: Outdoor Voices’ clothing is generally on the higher end of the price spectrum for activewear. However, the company often offers promotions and discounts, so you can often find good deals.
  • Quality: Outdoor Voices’ clothing is made from high-quality materials, and it is designed to be both comfortable and durable. However, some customers have reported that some of the company’s products are not as durable as others.
  • Style: Outdoor Voices is known for its bright, colorful designs. If you are looking for stylish activewear that will make you stand out, Outdoor Voices is a good option.
  • Fit: Outdoor Voices’ clothing tends to run small, so it is important to size up if you are between sizes.
  • Company values: Outdoor Voices is a company that is committed to encouraging people to get outside and be active. If you are looking for a company that shares your values, Outdoor Voices is a good option.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not Outdoor Voices is “worth it” is up to you. If you are looking for high-quality, stylish activewear that will make you feel good, Outdoor Voices is a good option. However, if you are on a budget or you are looking for more durable clothing, there are other brands that may be a better fit for you.

Outdoor Voices is a popular activewear brand that has a lot to offer. The clothes are comfortable, functional, and stylish, and the brand’s commitment to encouraging people to get outside and be active is admirable. However, the clothes can be pricey, and some of them are not as durable as others.

If you are looking for stylish, comfortable, and functional activewear that is also affordable, there are other brands that you may want to consider. However, if you are a fan of Outdoor Voices’ unique aesthetic and its commitment to encouraging people to get outside and be active, then the brand may be worth the price.

Where to Buy Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices

Here are some common places where you might find Outdoor Voices products:

  1. Outdoor Voices website: This is the official website of Outdoor Voices, where you can find the widest selection of products. You can also find exclusive offers and discounts on the website.
  2. Outdoor Voices brick-and-mortar stores: Outdoor Voices has a few brick-and-mortar stores located in the United States. You can find a list of the stores on the company’s website.
  3. Nordstrom: Nordstrom is a department store that carries a wide variety of brands, including Outdoor Voices. You can find Outdoor Voices products at Nordstrom stores and online.
  4. Revolve: Revolve is an online retailer that carries a variety of high-end brands, including Outdoor Voices. You can find Outdoor Voices products at
  5. Shopbop: Shopbop is another online retailer that carries a variety of brands, including Outdoor Voices. You can find Outdoor Voices products at
  6. Amazon: Amazon is a massive online retailer that carries a wide variety of products, including Outdoor Voices. You can find Outdoor Voices products at

You can also find Outdoor Voices products on a variety of third-party websites, such as Poshmark, Thredup, and eBay. However, be sure to do your research before buying from a third-party website, as there is always the risk of counterfeit products.

Outdoor Voices FAQ

Outdoor Voices

What is Outdoor Voices?

Outdoor Voices is an American activewear brand that was founded in 2013 by Tyler Haney. The company is known for its bright, colorful designs, comfort, and functionality. Outdoor Voices’ mission is to “inspire people to get outside and be active.”

Where can I buy Outdoor Voices?

You can buy Outdoor Voices products on the company’s website, as well as at a variety of brick-and-mortar stores, including Nordstrom, Revolve, Shopbop, and Amazon.

How much does Outdoor Voices clothing cost?

Outdoor Voices clothing is generally more expensive than some other activewear brands. However, the company’s products are made from high-quality materials and are designed to be both comfortable and functional.

What is Outdoor Voices’ return policy?

Outdoor Voices offers a 30-day return policy on all products. You can return products for a full refund or exchange them for a different size or color.

How can I contact Outdoor Voices?

You can contact Outdoor Voices customer service by phone, email, or chat. The company’s contact information is available on its website.

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