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PatPat Reviews: Is this cheap baby clothing brand legit?

patpat reviews

After giving birth to my daughter, I started paying attention to where Instagram moms bought their kids’ outfits. That’s when I discovered PatPat. The store that carried the most adorable pieces for babies and kids without the hefty price tag.

I browsed their site for what felt like hours until I felt the need to step back. How are these charming baby clothes worth so little but look stunning?


I was worry about PatPat—would the clothes tear at the seams and fall apart after my baby wore them a few times? Is this even a legit store?

I had my doubts, but curiosity got the better of me. So I crossed my fingers and checked out a cart full of clothes for my daughter.

Here’s my honest review on PatPat.

About PatPat

PatPat is the brainchild of Albert Wang and Ken Gao in Mountain View, CA from 2014. At that time the two friends saw a gap in the kids’ fashion market. They wanted to create an accessible way for moms to shop for cute clothes without spending too much money.

Thus, the launch of PatPat—a clothing store specializing in apparel and accessories for the whole family.

PatPat has 1.3 million followers on their Instagram and 200k subscribers on YouTube. It’s also been recommended on the homepage of the App Store, and even featured as the “App of the Day” in the UK.

But the question remains. Can a kids’ clothing store offer low prices without sacrificing quality? This review will dive deep into these topics: how to use the PatPat, whether the store is legit and why loyal customers rave about it non-stop.

What Is Patpat?


PatPat is a kid and family fashion brand that carries everything from children’s clothing, matching outfits, and gear for newborns. They’re known for their affordable price points.

Most of the clothes go with 90% discounts. Their 20 daily sales events launch every morning for moms to gobble up.

When shopping from PatPat, you can exchange the clothes up to 30 days after buy.

PatPat’s brand promise is simple: “Cuteness and Quality at Great Prices that Make You Smile.” They guarantee the most stylish, captivating kids’ clothing without compromising on top-notch quality.

What Is It Like To Order Patpat Clothes?


When you’re an excited mom like me, shopping on PatPat can be a combination of overwhelming and heavenly. They have many products to choose from baby accessories, maternity clothes, and kid-friendly home decor.

The real danger lies in that there are clothes not just for my child, but for me too. That means filling up my cart twice as much as when I shop for my baby!

PatPat ships to over 90 countries worldwide. Which explains why I see photos of babies sporting the cutest PatPat frocks even if they’re not from America.

The brand offers free shipping for almost all countries. The smallest spend differs depending on how challenging it is to deliver goods to your area.

I was pretty lucky to get free shipping after I hit the $35 mark, which is the smallest spend for it in the USA. Thirty-five bucks don’t sound like much, but with PatPat’s prices, it’s enough to fill a box with baby clothes.

If you don’t hit the $35 spend, shipping costs about $6 for standard delivery, which isn’t all that shabby either.

Is PatPat Clothing Legit?


I’m thrilled to report from personal experience that PatPat is, in fact, a legitimate online store. Plus, it has gained over 5,800 reviews on Sitejabber, where it’s gotten a close to perfect rating on service and value.

Tons of people commend the brand’s fast-responding customer service. It comes in handy if you ever get into a problem with shipping or a mix-up with your order.

PatPat Overview


The crème de la crème of PatPat is in their baby clothes, which can fit newborns to children up to one-year-old.

There are onesies, shirts, bottoms, sweaters, jackets, shoes, and more for both boys and girls. Also, it has special sections for dresses and swimwear. You can get practically the same clothing categories for your toddlers and kids, with the addition of beachwear, intimates, and pajamas.

The brand also carries baby gear so that you can always be prepared for everyday wins of motherhood. They have bibs, pillows, reusable diapers, baby socks and gloves, burping cloths, and more. Anything you need to get you through taking care of the little rascals all day, you’ll find on PatPat.

Now comes the fun part—the moms’ section!

Aside from all the kids’ apparel, PatPat offers so much for mothers too. From clothes that match your baby’s, to flattering maternity dresses. From personal organizers and wall décor, all the way to lingerie and activewear.

You can shop for kitchen accessories, exercise equipment for your home gym, and even face masks for family walks to the park! Needless to say, Patpat has put the needs of both mom and child at the forefront of their store.

How Do PatPat Clothes Fit?


It can be tricky shopping for children’s clothes. It isn’t as simple as small, medium, and large for adults like you and me.

You have to know what age group your baby falls in, as well as their measurements.


So it’s a relief that PatPat clothes are true to size and fit well. As long as you double-check to get the right size according to their sizing chart, you should be good.

PatPat Video Reviews

Olivia Zapo had nothing but praises for PatPat.

In her video, she says it’s great to finally find a kids’ fashion store that carries cute and trendy clothes for boys, which she’s had a hard time with. She also commended the pieces’ sizing and durability.

Vlogger Aszj also did a first impressions video after shopping on PatPat for her baby girl. Her experience was made memorable by good-quality clothing that came at an affordable price.

“I feel like for the price everything is definitely decent quality,” she said, impressed with the items she got. She also lauded PatPat’s shipping and customer service.

PatPat PROS and CONS


Just like all brands, PatPat isn’t perfect; there’s always room for improvement. Lucky for us, the fabulous things about PatPat thoroughly outweigh the downside.

PatPat Pros:

  • You can shop via their app on both iOS and Android devices
  • It’s a one-stop-shop for buying clothes for yourself and your children
  • You get bang for your buck because the prices are affordable
  • There’s a wide range of clothing, from swimwear to sweaters
  • You can shop for home decorations and mommy equipment here too
  • There’s a dedicated team running their website support, so they’re easy to contact if any problems ensue
  • Returns and exchanges are possible up to 30 days after your purchase
  • You only have to spend $35 to get free shipping within the USA

PatPat Cons:

  • It takes a while for delivery to get to you (it seems like the average waiting time is 9-16 days)

PatPat What Do Customers Think?

PatPat has a whopping 4.5 rating on Trustpilot. Happy customers rave about the quality and how easy it is to contact customer service.

People also say they’ll keep coming back to PatPat because of how cheap the prices are. All in all, it seems that people most enjoy the brand’s wide range of clothing options and value-for-money.

The only low scores were given by a handful of people who got their PatPat orders later than they anticipated.

Some people even had to wait three weeks for their order to get to their doorstep! But it’s nice to see that a representative from PatPat addressed all these concerns.

If you’re concerned about how long you have to keep tabs on your shipment, check out PatPat’s website for lead times in your area.

However, PatPat’s score on Reseller Ratings is a tad lower at around 3.7. That said, the majority of customers at 71% are completely satisfied with PatPat.

PatPat Promotions and Discounts


PatPat is well-known for its low prices that will make any budget-tight mom ecstatic. The cherry on top is that they also have huge discounts—sometimes up to 90% off.

Every morning, they launch 20 new daily sales events, which is sure to keep you coming back and adding more and more to your cart.

These events have landed me really good deals since many of the prices drop to as low as $1.99 when on sale.

You also get tons of incentives that will keep you coming back to shop.

For each friend you invite to shop at PatPat, you’re awarded $10 wallet credit! They also have a point-earning system to get extra coupons and discounts the more you buy.

Where Is PatPat Located

PatPat is based in the United States.

But, they’re accessible virtually anywhere through international shipping. If you’re from Canada, you’ll enjoy tons of vouchers and promos too, since it’s such near to the USA.

Is PatPat Worth It?

If you’re looking for adorable, trendy clothes for your baby and the whole family, PatPat is a no-brainer. You get a clothing variety and impressive quality without burning a hole in your pocket.

They have top-notch customer service, rave reviews on Trustpilot, an insane number of promos, and a 30-day exchange policy.

These should be able to convince you to try out this brand.

So next time you’re shopping for baby outfits, stop by PatPat and see what it has to offer you, your family, and your home.



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