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Postmates Review – Everything You Need To Know


Postmates was formed in 2011 and first offered its services in San Francisco in 2012. Postmates has expanded from a team of three co-founders to over 800 people operating from six cities, including four in the United States (San Francisco, CA; Bellevue, WA; Nashville, TN; and New York, NY), as well as Vancouver, British Columbia and Mexico City.

However, simply discussing Postmates’ corporate headquarters does not convey the whole scale of the organization.

Every month, the firm delivers approximately five million deliveries from 500,000 merchants in 3,500 cities.

It began selling services in Mexico City as its first foreign marketplace in November 2017.

After reading this review, you will be able to understand more about this meal delivery service.

What Is Postmates?


Postmates is a delivery service in the United States that offers fast and easy delivery and pickup for drinks, food, and groceries.

Postmates is one of the best delivery apps on the market. It has differentiated itself from its competitors after winning the trust of thousands of customers.

It is also one of the most versatile and unique United States services that allow you to order from liquor stores, restaurants, pharmacies, and even gas stations.

Businesses and restaurants are organized and managed by category.

Therefore, you can conveniently filter or search the restaurants based on the type of your cuisine.

Why Choose Postmates?


Postmates is a well-known local delivery service with a large network of local merchants, many of which are tiny, independently owned enterprises.

Restaurants, grocery stores, drugstores, liquor stores, and general-purpose businesses are among them.

Postmates, which operates in over 100 metropolitan regions across the United States, is driven by a growing army of relatively well-paid independent contractors — also known as Postmates — who are capable of delivering most things an hour or less after they are requested.

Along with all these perks, Postmates also offers the ability to deliver for them allowing you to earn a couple of bucks on the side while also (if you use a bicycle) doing sports and staying fit.

How To Use Postmates?


Using Postmates is definitely a blast thanks to the modern, efficient, and fast interface of its website and mobile application.

You can easily go ahead and order whatever you want without going through any kind of a hassle because it is not complicated at all.

We will not take a look at how to use Postmates on their website and list the things you have to do to get started.

  • Go to postmates which is their website (you can also use their mobile application but we are going to take a look at their website for now).
  • The moment you go to the website, you will see an area to write down a specific area, neighbourhood or a ZIP code. If you are in an area where Postmates currently deliver (as they are not delivering nationwide at the moment, it is possible you might be out of their reach), you will move on to the next step.
  • Once you write down your address, you will see a bunch of restaurants, deals, and other things where you can order whatever you want among thousands of options.
  • When you decide on what to order, you can now go to that specific restaurant and choose your meal (or drink) and add it to your cart.
  • After you add it to your cart, you can now move on to the payment where you will be providing some details if you are a first time user like your address, name, phone number, and other stuff.
  • Completing these steps, you will be asked to make the payment and once you make the payment and they confirm it, they will take their order to the restaurant and restaurant will start preparing your food and you will get it in the timeframe mentioned on Postmate’s website.

Key Features Of Postmates


Reliable And Convenient

Plated is a simple, easy-to-use, and reliable service that delivers meals, grocery items, and drinks and alcohol.

From a tremendous range of meal options, you can choose your favorite ones according to your personal preferences, budget, lifestyle, and dietary needs.

All In One

When you open this app, you can find everything related to grocery, foods, drinks, and alcohol from different hotels, restaurants, pharmacies and gas stations.

So, it is a convenient and easy-to-use option for a lot of busy people. Thus, Postmates saves a lot of time spent on shopping for such items.

Fresh Meals

You are supposed to open the app and click on the wanted meal from the restaurant of your own choice.

Then, the fresh, healthy, and delicious meal will be delivered directly to your doorstep.

All the ingredients used to prepare meals are freshly farmed and raised under strict observation.

Timely And Safe Delivery

All the orders from the Postmates service are delivered in time. Good packaging is necessary for the safe delivery of any object.

So, the Postmates service is much conscious on that ground as well. Their packaging helps them deliver their meal delivery intact.

But, like the quality of food and other items, there is no compromise on packaging quality.

Promo Code Of Postmates


  • Using this promo code GETFOOD, you can enjoy a $100 credit for delivery. This code is valid for new customers only.
  • If you want to save up to $25 with your order from Postmates, use this discount code 5CREDIT

What Makes Postmates A Better Option Than Others?


Postmates is much more than only a meal delivery service.

You can use this service to order various items of grocery, different drinks and alcohols, and foods of your own choice that suit your dietary needs, lifestyle, and personal preferences.

Types Of Services Available At Postmates


Postmates offers a wide variety of meal options to its customers, including dishes and recipes from various countries such as Thai recipes, Afghani recipes, American and Arabian recipes, etc.

A few meal options from its menu include:

  • Shawarma
  • Kinds of seafood
  • Juices
  • Cupcakes
  • Curry
  • Rolls
  • Japanese BBQ
  • Deserts
  • Pizza
  • Pie

Besides meal options, Postmates also features different drinks, alcohol, and items even from the gas stations.

Postmates Pros And Cons



  • It includes a considerable menu to select your favorite meals from that as per your choice.
  • You can order various kinds of items from a single app with a few clicks.
  • You are free to order from the sites where you can not go.
    It allows its customer to enjoy various country menus like Italian, Afghani,
  • Russian, Indian, Thai, and many more.


  • It can be expensive for some customers.
  • This does not feature meals suitable for stricter diet plans as that of Paleo and Keto.
  • It may not be a good option if you wish to cook yourself.

Customer Reviews


Kendra H says:

I like that postmates divide everything into categories such as essential and convenience, food types like seafood or pizza, food preferences like vegetarian or vegan, etc. Also, I like that you can search based on location and choose between delivery, pickup, and party.

Andrew C says:

I like this app because it has many options that other apps like GrubHub and Doordash don’t have, like 7-11 and Burger King. The app also offers free delivery if you share the app with friends and decide to sign up. The food that I order tends to remain hot despite waiting for a half-hour to an hour to an hour to get my food.

Customer Service


Reaching Postmate’s customer service is not an easy task as they do not publicly offer e-mail or phone number information to their customers to reach out to for any kind of problem.

Instead, there is an option to contact the live support through their app or website when you are logged in.

However, we have found some e-mail and phone numbers to reach out to Postmate for you.

If you want to reach Postmates via e-mail, you may do so through help@postmates.

You should get an answer from this e-mail quickly but if you prefer to call them up, try calling them up from (888) 815-7726.



Postmates comes with excellent meal options to select the menu according to your own choice.

You can also choose family-friendly meals, groceries, and drinks according to your family members and taste.

According to this Review, you can surely try this service if you are not suffering from any food allergies.

However, this service is not a good option for you if you follow some stricter diet plans like Paleo and Keto.

Frequently Asked Questions postmates

How Much Does Postmates Pay?

Depending on different cities, you can earn up to $1,500 per week if you work as a Postmates courier/driver.

What Does Postmates Do?

Postmates allows a customer to order anything that a customer wishes to like personal items, groceries, and restaurant meals.

Is Postmates Responsible For Everything I Order From Their Website Or Do I Have To Contact The Restaurant For Anything?

Postmates is responsible for every order you put through their website because they are the intermediary and most of the time their couriers (the ones we talked about above) deliver the orders, not the restaurant and with anything, any kind of problem arising, you have to contact Postmates. If there is a refund or something else, Postmates will give you the best deal you can get, and they will solve the problem in the background between them and the restaurant. This is the good part of ordering from a platform like Postmates because they handle everything for you in case of a mishap.

Can I Deliver By Walking For Postmates?

Even though there is nothing preventing you from delivering by walking, if you are living in a packed city with 30 to 45 minutes of delivery times by walking, doing that would not be much of a wise choice considering you will always be late and get negative reviews which will impact the money you are earning and the orders you are getting.

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