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Squarespace Review – Is This Website Builder Right For You?


What Is Squarespace?


Squarespace is perhaps of the most popular brand in the site building space. They do a lot of publicizing including webcasts to the Super Bowl and have a wonderful item with a long confided in history. I as of late had a venture that was a fit for a packaged site manufacturer programming. I checked Squarespace out, alongside a few different brands. Here is my definite and full Squarespace audit.

On the whole, somewhat of an outline. There are a ton of contemplations that go into picking a web designer.

There are likewise a lot of choices, lots of valuing – and actually 1,000 methods for getting what you need eventually (otherwise known as for somebody to type in a site address and see your data in their program). Whether you are building a straightforward individual site or maintaining a business, the manner in which you fabricate your site has a great deal of results.

In the long haul, it influences your flexibility, usefulness, and, obviously, your image. Temporarily, it can surely add/remove a ton of cerebral pains. All things considered, very much like picking an actual house or office, a flat out “best” or “top” decision can’t exist. There’s simply the ideal decision comparative with your objectives, experience, and conditions.

Squarespace Alternatives


On the wide range of site building arrangements, Squarespace lives on the end that is comprehensive and gives all that you want to begin and develop your site. It diverges from arrangements where you purchase, introduce, and deal with every one of the “pieces” of your site independently.

Utilizing Squarespace is similar to renting and modifying a condo in a truly tasteful improvement as opposed to purchasing and possessing your own home. You’re still in charge of style, cleaning, and everything living-wise – yet you leave the development, plumbing, security, and framework to the land owner. That point is key since there’s generally an immediate tradeoff among comfort and control.

Everything might fit together perfectly with a web designer like Squarespace, however that could possibly be the thing you’re searching for.

To the extent that opposition, Squarespace contends straightforwardly with comprehensive web designers, for example,

  • Weebly
  • Wix

Contrasted with their immediate rivalry, they attempt to take into account more customization and code access. Squarespace attempts to engage the non-designer client AND the engineer local area. It’s an intense pitch to sell – yet they attempt it.

Those choices as a gathering rival choices like self-facilitated WordPress (which gives the free programming to construct a site that you own and control – see my WordPress arrangement guide here) the entire way to choices like composing real HTML code into a text record. Check out? Great, how about we plunge into the Squarespace survey.

Squarespace Pricing


Pros Of Squarespace

This is the thing I viewed as the stars of Squarespace – not simply in contrast with Weebly and their opposition, yet additionally as a by and large web-based site arrangement.

Template Design


Squarespace’s slogan is “Fabricate It Beautiful.” They satisfy it with their plan formats. At the point when you set up a record, you need to pick a Squarespace format to begin your plan.

You can transfer your own plan. In any case, a large portion of Squarespace’s allure lies in the way that they have a gigantic determination of explicitly Squarespace configuration formats that are genuinely proficient and wonderful.

Their plans additionally depend vigorously on photography. That implies that you can make your layout remarkably yours by trading in your own photos. The typography, variety plans, responsiveness all stay adjusted to give an expert touch.

Giving a solitary, organized center point of delightful plan is an enormous in addition to for building a Squarespace site.*

*One note is that essentially the entirety of Squarespace’s formats require high-goal, proficient symbolism. They look perfect in a layout structure, however you’ll have to ensure that you have the right symbolism to make the site your own.

Backend Design


Their Build It Beautiful slogan reaches out past their plan layouts to the backend experience for their clients.

Do you know the inclination you get when you open another Apple item or handle a flawlessly planned actual item? Alright, you get that equivalent inclination exploring your Squarespace account.

They fabricate a lovely brand in their promotions and extend it to the client experience. Basically clicking around the administrator segment makes you believe that Squarespace is truly cool programming.

In the event that you’ve at any point utilized simply practical yet terrible programming, it’s a much needed refresher. It makes fabricating the site fascinating.

Apps & Extensions



Speed, Security & Data Export


On a similar topic as the across the board stage, however on an alternate note is speed and security. Squarespace has the sites worked with their product, and the expense of facilitating is remembered for the month to month cost.

This packaged methodology not just guarantees that your web facilitating is viable and improved, yet additionally that Squarespace handles every one of the specialized requirements of facilitating. They deal with site speed.

They deal with site security. Anybody attempting to hack your site is Squarespace’s liability, not yours. You don’t need to purchase and arrange security programming. They pack and give a free SSL endorsement.

They likewise keep up with reinforcements and overt repetitiveness. In the event that a server farm some place burns to the ground, you don’t need to stress over your site vanishing.

However, in addition to the fact that Squarespace provides facilitating in a pack – they actually give a few advantages of self-facilitating.

Customer Support & Improved Onboarding


Squarespace offers every minute of every day client assistance. They really do uphold by means of live visit and email tickets.

Furthermore, they have an exhaustive information base with video walkthroughs and guides. They likewise keep an excellent client gathering.

The main thing lacking is telephone support, yet given the visit/email effectiveness and direct contender’s help choices, Squarespace’s client service is major areas of strength for a for utilizing the platform.*

I have had perusers notice that the slack time between client service reactions can make miscommunication and superfluously delay an issue.

However, there’s something else to client assistance besides addressing questions – you need to forestall inquiries before they even occur. Also, a significant number of the inquiries occur during onboarding.

Onboarding is the method involved with getting a pristine client arrangement and rolling. It’s the point at which you get an opportunity to change over a client that is energized however apprehensive to a certain client with no purchaser’s regret.

As far as I might be concerned, even as somebody with a great deal of involvement with various stages, Squarespace’s onboarding was inadequate with regards to when I originally attempted it in 2015. The backend was wonderful… yet it took too lengthy to even consider sorting out some way to alter and distribute my landing page. What’s more, that is not even to specify sorting out plan alters or setting up investigation.

In 2016, Squarespace carried out another client onboarding email grouping. It’s all around good and clear.

Furthermore – their walkthroughs in Support are great. Contrasted with my last involvement in Squarespace – onboarding has moved from an impediment to a solid star.

Cons Of Squarespace


Obviously, no Squarespace audit would be finished without checking out at the disadvantages of Squarespace. There are a lot of Squarespace grievances on the web. Many are narrative to a particular circumstance where Squarespace was essentially not a solid match. How about we take a gander at 5 explicit disservices I found.

Squarespace Pricing


One of the hardest pieces of looking for a site arrangement is taking a gander at the cost in view of significant worth. Everything is comparative with your objectives, financial plan, and explicit list of capabilities.

All things considered, on the off chance that you contrast any Squarespace plan with their immediate rivals, they come out more costly. Assuming you contrast Squarespace with setting up your own site with WordPress, it’s significantly more costly.

The main pressing concern for Squarespace’s evaluating versus non-comprehensive arrangements is their covers. Their arrangements are restricted to a solitary site. Their lower level plans cap the quantity of pages and items.

The main pressing concern for Squarespace’s evaluating versus their immediate rivals is that they are just more costly. Weebly’s arrangements are less expensive for a similar worth (barring eCommerce choices). Furthermore, Wix has exceptionally cutthroat plans with a free choice as well.

Despite the fact that their evaluating is cutthroat on in general worth, I’d say Squarespace’s estimating is a weakness, particularly since their separating highlights don’t kick in until the Business plan.

Advanced Marketing Tools


Backend User Functionality


For a web designer that is promoted as basic, clear, and simple, Squarespace’s backend usefulness isn’t a breeze to utilize.

I’m discussing things like altering and adding content, opening new pages, adding blog entry usefulness, altering the plan format, moving components around, and so forth.

You never need to contact or alter HTML or CSS code, however the real mechanics of building a site with the Squarespace web designer are not smooth by any means. Contrasted with website designers like Weebly, finding the right touch components can disappoint.

Furthermore, it’s truly odd in a way on the grounds that the arrangement is uniform, wonderful, and obviously simple… until it’s not.

As a matter of fact, it’s like Squarespace is the IKEA furniture of site building. It’s all lovely and very much planned. It has great directions, and everything fits together. However, when you are truly assembling it, there’s this sneaking inclination that this is more enthusiastically than it truly ought to be. Either that, or it’s not difficult to get something pivoted that loses the entire arrangement (for my situation it was adding pages to the route which really existed with no satisfied).

At the end of the day, on the off chance that you have zero experience in any event, endeavoring to fabricate a site – you will find an expectation to learn and adapt with Squarespace. It’s not generally so steep as different arrangements – but rather it’s a bend regardless.

I’d say client usefulness is an impediment for Squarespace. Not on the grounds that it’s terrible, however the general purpose of picking Squarespace as opposed to building your own site all alone facilitating is to have a liquid, simple arrangement experience.

Squarespace eCommerce Addendum


A major promoting point for Squarespace is its eCommerce usefulness. You can sell items from your Squarespace site without exchanging stages or any extraordinary turn of events.

Internet business is a pleasant piece of usefulness, yet I’d would rather not call what Squarespace offers the undeniable eCommerce store capacities that web-based store stages, for example, Shopify or BigCommerce have.

Squarespace has heaps of extraordinary eCommerce highlights, particularly on its high level trade plan. They currently permit limitless items – even on their fundamental trade plan. Yet, component to include, Squarespace eCommerce evaluating simply doesn’t agree with major eCommerce contenders.

Extraordinary for sites are fundamentally lead-age, instructive, and so on yet additionally need to sell a couple of items. Consider a café that needs to sell shirts and mugs.

Not entirely ideal for sites are eCommerce-first. The usefulness is there. It’s perfect.

Be that as it may, I wouldn’t pick Squarespace for the eCommerce usefulness. I’d either construct an internet based store you own with WordPress + WooCommerce or go with a specialty eCommerce stage like Shopify (survey) or BigCommerce (survey).



Squarespace is a strong comprehensive web designer. They satisfy their slogan of “Fabricate It Beautiful” with a couple of provisos – and an emphasis on designer instruments.

There are a great deal of tradeoffs for utilizing a comprehensive web designer. On the off chance that that course accommodates your objectives, I’d assess Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix to see what accommodates your objectives best (plan cost, usefulness, and so on), particularly assuming you are building a business site or writing for a blog stage.

I wrote a comparison of Squarespace vs Weebly.

In the event that you are more confounded than any other time in recent memory – I made a BuzzFeed style test to assist you with picking the best web designer.

In the event that you think constructing your own site all alone facilitating is a superior course, make certain to look at my bit by bit manual for setting a site with WordPress without any preparation here.



How Much Does Squarespace Cost?

Squarespace’s arrangements start at $12 each month. Nonetheless, as a web designer, that cost is just for a solitary site with facilitating costs and certain showcasing highlights included. While investigating your “absolute expense” make certain to incorporate any time, plan, promoting, specialized, and changing expenses to make direct correlations with Squarespace contenders.

What Is Squarespace?

Squarespace is a web designer that packages the three things you really want for a site (space, web facilitating, and programming) into a solitary membership cost.

How Does Squarespace Work?

Squarespace gives a facilitating server (where your site documents reside) alongside custom programming so you can plan and alter your site records yourself. At the point when you get everything rolling, you get a record and a web designer dashboard to make your web composition, pages, and media that you can “distribute” to a site that has a custom space. Squarespace restricts some usefulness relying upon your arrangement.

How Does Squarespace Compare To Other Website Builders?

Squarespace does a lot of things effectively however has tradeoffs like any piece of programming. Look at a couple of Squarespace options or investigate my manual for the best web designers.

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