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The Lakeside Collection

You would want an outdoor space that is more welcoming that brings about warm feelings as you enter your home. When one thinks of the fall season, colorful leaves, carved pumpkins, and cozy feelings come to mind. The lakeside collection is a perfect way to bring that aesthetic to your patio and make your home more welcoming.

Putting a whole look together by yourself makes it all the more interesting without getting a festive planner to help you. You start up picking up interesting stuff and then try them out and see the various permutations and combinations that work well to match your thought and layout and set about creating the fall look.

Regardless of your preferences, bringing a harvest theme to your outdoor space is amazingly simple. From warm accents to pumpkin-inspired décor, both indoors and outdoors. There are several ways to accentuate your patio with the amber hues of the fall season.

Every year the theme may be recurring, but you could do it a bit differently with different kinds of showpieces placed differently and accentuate the existing ones with a little more flourish. Here are seven different ideas to make your home look amazing.

Display Pumpkins In Unexpected Ways On Your Porch

The Lakeside Collection

Pumpkins are a vital part of the fall season and essential to any fall decor. There is nothing wrong with the classic displaying carved pumpkins on the porch look. However, many other innovative ways to decorate one’s porch with pumpkins exist. If you prefer a more festive appearance for the harvest season, consider decorating with pumpkins in different methods.

When you go about decorating with pumpkins, you can choose fake ones, real ones or even both; it works both ways. Fake pumpkins are perfect if you want to display them for the entire fall season since you don’t have to worry about the pumpkin going bad.

You can choose to have a complete pumpkin showcase or if you wish to place some simple pumpkin decorations on your porch, take a look at a few excellent front porch pumpkin decorating ideas given below.

Unique Front Porch Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

The Lakeside Collection

Create A Black & White Theme For A Stylish Fall Porch

The Lakeside Collection

You can create a stunning display by stuffing lanterns with mini pumpkins and festive string lights. Painting pumpkins in various bright colors and placing them on your porch steps is an option.

Make a planter from a real pumpkin by scooping out the pulp from the inside. You can do this by drilling holes into the bottom to get the seeds and pulp out.

Displaying pumpkins on the sides of your front door atop tall pillars is another great idea you can try out.

Set up accent chairs with baskets of varied sizes filled with fall flower arrangements and multi-colored pumpkins. Wrap some more string lights around pumpkins and use them as pathway lights leading to your porch.

Black & White Fall Porch Decor Ideas

The Lakeside Collection

  • While a conventional fall style consists of warm hues starting with the reds, mild yellows, and dusty oranges, you can still get a festive look with a more muted color scheme. 
  • If you want a more modern and stylish outdoor space, consider setting up a black and white color scheme for your fall spread.
  • This is a novel method to be the fall theme without going overboard with colorful displays.

Use Hay Bales To Elevate Your Outdoor Fall Decor

The Lakeside Collection

Display Lanterns & String Lights For A Magical Outdoor Fall Space

The Lakeside Collection

Since an immense piece of fall is about warmth and comfort, you need to hoist that inclination in your open air space, as a matter of fact.

Enlivening with an assortment of string lights, lamps, and other outside lights is an extraordinary method for carrying that enchanted and comfortable inclination to your patio and yard in the fall time. Exploit open air lighting while setting up your space for the fall season.

Whether you need a work of art and straightforward look, or a better time and happy reap appearance, utilizing sun based lights is an incredible method for getting your desired search for your space.

Lighting will make your patio and yard look really otherworldly and warm on crisp fall evenings. Look at some simple open air lighting thoughts for fall beneath.

Add Throw Pillows & Blankets To Outdoor Seating For A Comfy Fall Look

The Lakeside Collection


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