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What Is Wix? Is WordPress Better Than Wix? How To Create A Free Website?

About Wix

Wix is one of the more established site builder companies — it was founded in 2006 and currently has 3,000 employees. Plus it has a rather big userbase: based on, there are around 3.8 million reside sites using Wix. Together with its headquarters in Israel, Wix also has offices in Canada, Brazil, Germany, India, Ireland, Lithuania, the United States, and the Ukraine. For view, Squarespace has about 800 employees, and the company hosts 2.1 million sites. Jimdo has 200 workers and hosts 404,000 websites.

What is wix?

Wix is a cloud-based service that allows you to design and construct your own website or internet store without needing to know how to code.You do not need to worry about buying web hosting or installing applications everywhere — the idea is that pretty much everything you need to build and run your site is supplied’out of the box’, and occurs online.You only build and manage your own site in a web browser, via the Wix website.

Who Should Use Wix?

Their visually impressive layouts are created for small businesses, restaurants, online shops and musicians such as musicians and photographers. They are optimized for mobile devices and can be spiced up with one of the numerous apps available in the Wix App Market.

How to create a free website

Follow these 6 simple actions to make a site now:-

  • Subscribe to a free website builder. Choose what type of site that you want to produce.
  • Customize a template or get a website designed for you. Choose your starting point.
  • Drag and drop 100s of layout features. Insert text, galleries, videos, vector artwork and more.
  • Get ready for business. Add an internet store, booking system, members place and website.
  • Publish your website and go live. Start building your professional internet presence.
  • Drive visitors to your website. Use advanced SEO tools and integrated marketing solutions.


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Wix Features

Wix’s Design Templates

In the last year, Wix has done a fantastic job updating theirdesigns & subject choiceWhile perhaps not quite up to Squarespace’s layouts , Wix has a good selection of contemporary themes. And unlike Squarespace, many do not require giant, professional photos to appear great from the box.It makes designing a website even faster. Wix provides you a selection of over 500 templates. This is much greater than crucial competitor Squarespace, which offers around 100; and each one the Wix templates are free, which is not true with rival online shop builders like Shopify and Bigcommerce.

The templates look professional and are visually attractive — so long as you populate them attentively, Wix sites surely don’t need to appear to be a do-it-yourself invention.The templates also make very good use of spacing and typefaces to make impact, and are particularly powerful when used with high quality photos.

Web Design in Wix

When you have chosen a template and began editing your site, Templates are modern and attractive, a lot of trapping your navigation into the top since the website viewer scrolls down. Five round buttons which extend when you put the mouse above them allow you add components, change the background, get the App Market (from which you get third-party website widgets), see your uploads, and start blogging.

Blogging Tools

Adding a blog to your site is simple as clicking the Blog entry on the primary website element toolbar. You design your site page design as with another site page or pick a single-entry design or one with no pointer.

Mobile Sites

Wix websites are not responsive in the strictest sense (meaning you’ll be able to resize a browser to view its contents squeeze to fit a bigger size), but that shouldn’t worry site creators: Wix produces mobile versions of your sites which pass Google’s evaluation for mobile-friendliness. Harness the smartphone icon at the peak of the website editor, and you’ll be able to switch to mobile editing perspective.

Wix Code

Wix Code allows website builders–even people with no programming experience–to add features to their sites that in the past would have required familiarity with database development. The feature is still tagged as beta, however, is available in most Wix accounts. Wix Code includes five tools–Databases, Dynamic Pages, External APIs, Forms, and Managed JavaScript.

Databases, Dynamic Pages, and Types require no formal knowledge of coding. The usage of those prefab databases is similar to filling in a spreadsheet. Customized types and user input are helpful for collecting information from website viewers.

Data-driven Dynamic Pages sound as they’re for developers, and really, using these capabilities increases difficulty of site design a bit. But actually it just means your website pages are based on the fly depending on entries in a single table. A school course page designed in Wix can exhibit different pages for every course, all with the same template. Duda’s InSite attribute, which lets you send different content to audiences based on criteria like time of day, date, location, and quantity of prior visits, provides similar energetic customization. The Duda feature is more easy to work with, but it’s not as powerful as Wix Code is.

E-commerce at Wix

You’ll need to be on a Wix Business Basic program ($23 per month) or greater to market products on your Wix site.If you are, you might discover that the platform does a fairly great job of earning eCommerce available and’non-scary’ for entrepreneurs attempting online selling to the very first time.

Wix pricing

Is Wix free?

Wix offers a free program which allows you to make a very simple website.

This is a good way to try out the platform out, but it…

  • the ads are quite noticeable!
  • Doesn’t facilitate e-commerce
  • Stops you from connecting a domain name to your site.

On the plus side though, the Wix free program permits you to use all 500 of those Wix templates, and provides free hosting. You can take advantage of pictures, clip art and icons supplied by Wix, and may add programs from the Wix app marketplace (which offers both paid and free apps).

Combo program ($14 per month)

     The’Combo’ program is charged as’for personal use.’

     It removes Wix brand advertisements from your website.

Unlimited plan ($18 a month)

 The Unlimited plan is really similar in fundamental functionality into           the’Combo’ one, but provides you 300 of’Advertisement Vouchers’. These can be used to pay for advertising with Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and Neighborhood Listing.

The program also provides entry to the’Site Booster’ app — a third party program from AppSharp that submits your website to search engines — and an analytics app (which lets you measure website traffic)

Pro plan ($23 a month)

This program gives you more storage and video hours than the’Unlimited’ program (20GB and 2 hours respectively).

Additionally, it offers you access to a logo making instrument, the ability to customize social media icons and also a calendar tool which permits you to provide occasion listings on your site.

VIP plan ($39 per month)

The VIP plan is similar to the Pro Strategy, but gives you more storage and movie minutes (35GB and 5 hours respectively); you also get greater priority for consumer support.

Business Basic ($23 per month)

The’Business Fundamental’ plan is the most affordable Wix program available that lets you market products online.

But, its e-commerce attributes are a little on the side. Unlike another Wix e-commerce plans, it doesn’t let you display product prices in multiple currencies; ease subscriptions; apply tax rates automatically, use product reviews or dropship.

Business Unlimited ($27 per month)

The’Business Unlimited’ plan builds on the ‘Business Fundamental’ plan with the addition of symbols making programs, social media icon programs, more kind storage (35GB) and much more video hours (10).

Business VIP ($35 a month)

The’Company VIP’ bundle is described as Wix as constituting’that the full package’ and provides more generous storage and movie moments (50GB and unlimited hours respectively) than the’Unlimited’ program.

Wix Enterprise ($500 a month)

As is the case with subscription products such as Wix, there is now an”Enterprise” version of this platform available.

This costs $500 per month and basically provides you the functionality that can be found on the $49’VIP’ plan, however with negotiable limitations on things such as sales tax and product reviews.

Can Be Wix Safe?

Wix is secure for obligations and all company assets. They, like most SaaS firms, may be hacked, but as a large publicly traded firm , they utilize best in class safety with a massive security staff.

Can Be Wix Good for SEO?

This depends on what you really need. Wix has fixed lots of their past search engine optimization problems and offers a fantastic toolkit for websites which generate most of their organic traffic with”brand” terms and good content. Read more about the nuances below technical search engine optimization limits .

Is WordPress  Better Than Wix?

But over the long term, it offers a great deal more versatility and options to grow. Should you self-host WordPress (instead of use, it may also be much less costly than Wix. Wix focuses on onboarding and pure ease of use for somebody who wants a sound, maintenance-free website minus the frustration of a web designer or figuring out HTML issues.

How Does Wix Compare To Other Programs?

First, I’d encourage you to attempt Wix’s free option yourself, simply to have a feeling of the platform and how it fits with you. Second, you can navigate my website to research other site builder options with a bunch of Wix’s contest .

Is Wix Good for Blogging?

Wix has blogging choices, but they aren’t as good as platforms like WordPress originally constructed for blogging. Wix is much better as a website builder with a small blog add-on, much less a blog-focused builder.

How Much is a Wix Website?

This depends on your goals and how much you want to place into it. You can build a free site with a great deal of restrictions and your time. You can also pay more than $500/year for a full-featured eCommerce site with many premium extensions and topics.

Wix Pros

Its drag and drop interface is pretty easy to use.

  • It is reasonably priced.
  • A massive selection of templates is provided (500+), which can be of a high quality and feature useful sample content.
  • Whilst less comprehensive in terms of e-commerce attributes as platforms such as Shopify and Bigcommerce, you get quite a lot of bang for the buck concerning selling features.
  • A built-in email advertising tool is provided in Wix, and it has surprisingly excellent price.
  • Wix includes a vast range of professionally-shot photos for use on your site.
  • You can enhance basic functionality easily thanks to a great range of integrations in Wix’s app market.
  • Phone assistance is available, which is not the case with several other top site building tools
  • The shortage of responsive website design aside, its SEO attributes are pretty good.
  • The’ADI’ version of Wix is very easy to use and well suited to website design novices.

Wix Cons

  • You can’t apply another template to your site once you have built it.
  • You can’t produce a GDPR cookie permission banner ad for Wix without resorting to some third party instrument.
  • You can’t export electronic products.
  • You can not change templates once you’ve assembled a site.
  • You can not export blog content.
  • Authentic multi-currency selling is not feasible.
  • Although workarounds can be found to make a Wix site display correctly on a mobile device, the websites that you assemble with Wix are not fully responsive.
  • AMP performance is only available for blog posts.

Alternatives to Wix

Wix is among those best-known website builders, but it is not the only one! There are tons of alternatives out there.

If you’re looking to build a largely content-driven website , subsequently Squarespace is a really great choice to Wix (check out our Squarespace review for more details on this stage ). Hosted WordPress, available at, can be a potentially good choice for you.

Squarespace is possibly a more tasteful and professional website building alternative than Wix, and is aimed at a comparable small business marketplace. The major advantage it has over Wix is that it provides truly responsive sites and (in my opinion ) has a much slicker interface. But, it is slightly more expensive and its e-commerce functionality isn’t quite as comprehensive as Wix’s. Ensure that you check out our Squarespace vs Wix contrast to view how the two tools stack up against each other.


Wix’s attractive templates and excellent editor make it easy for even complete design novices to build a great-looking, strong website. We’re less convinced that Wix gets the support services that large websites require, but the core characteristics are so powerful that you have to try it yourself.

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